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Everything you need to be a successful sub

You supply the passion, we provide the flexibility, technology, and support.

Connecting thousands of teachers and schools to serve millions of students

School Partners
With thousands of school partners across the country, it’s easy to find a good fit for your lifestyle.
Swing Substitutes
After working with so many different substitute teachers, we know a thing or two about the role.
Students Impacted
Swing is more than just a technology platform, it’s a chance to make a difference in your community.

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There’s a Swing story for everyone

Haining Wei

Haining Wei immigrated to the United States from China. When she moved, she made the difficult decision to pause her career as a teacher to stay home with her children. After her children left the home, Swing Education gave Haining an opportunity to learn the American education system by subbing at different schools. She’s incredibly happy to get to make a difference again.

Tina Jones

Tina Jones is on the hunt for a full-time teaching position. But, she isn’t sure exactly where she’d like to work. She uses Swing to earn money while she builds relationships with schools in her community.

Danny Jones

Danny Jones has a lot on his plate. He’s a part-time DJ and absolutely loves volunteering locally. He occasionally accepts assignments on the Swing platform to supplement his income and give back to his community.

Getting started with Swing is simple

Thanks to our streamlined onboarding process, many Swing subs are in classrooms just two weeks after applying.

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Sign Up.

Let us know you’re interested by filling in a few details.

Submit Paperwork.

The boring stuff. This is also where you can submit your credentials, if applicable.

Quick Checks.

Complete a background check and pass state-specific screening requirements.

Log In.

You’re in! Browse the Swing platform and accept jobs.

Start Teaching.

All that’s left to do is show up to complete your first assignment.

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“Swing gives you flexibility and freedom. As a sub, you decide how many days you work, you decide what your job looks like.”

Valerie Pierce
Swing Sub who has worked 600 days in New Jersey

“Swing is a great opportunity. It’s like a good friend – it doesn’t take up all your time but it’s there when you need it”

Jose Vanderburg
Swing Sub who has worked 189 days in California

“Swing streamlines the process of getting work. It’s hard to manage work for multiple districts, but with Swing you have a lot of jobs to choose from and can pick where you want to teach.”

John Garcia
Swing Sub who has worked 186 days in California

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