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The easiest way to get classes covered

Partner with the platform that makes finding a substitute teacher the easiest thing you’ll do all day.

Substitute teachers at the click of a button

  • Send a single request that instantly notifies hundreds of high-quality subs in your area for a lightning-fast fill.

  • Let us handle substitute management. When you partner with Swing, we’ll take care of recruitment, payroll, and everything in between.

  • Partner with the pros. Thanks to our laser focus on substitute teaching, we’ve built a platform that both subs and admins love to use.

A flexible solution that meets your needs

  • Ensure every classroom is staffed with both single and multi-day requests.
  • Anticipate future needs and reduce last-minute fills by issuing roving requests early.
  • Prepare for Professional Development with a single request for multiple classrooms.

Unlock the power of technology

  • Find substitutes in seconds instead of hours with our easy request page.
  • Create classroom continuity by identifying and prioritizing your favorite subs.
  • Empower school and district administrators to find the best subs for their buildings.

Spend more time hiring and developing your full-time staff

When you leave substitute teacher management to us, your Human Resources team has more time and energy to devote to full-time teachers and staff.

  • Dynamic substitute recruitment

    We’re continuously analyzing your partner requests to determine where and when to recruit substitutes.

  • High-quality subs without the hassle

    We handle background checks, state requirements screening, and more to ensure every Swing sub is vetted.

  • Growth and development you don’t have to plan

    Add your sub plans to the app and we’ll take it from there, including granting access to free courses and resources.

  • No need to pay attention to payroll

    We manage pay and benefits for Swing subs so you have one less thing on your to-do list.

  • Here to help you find the best subs

    Love a Swing sub? We’ll make sure they see your requests first. And if you didn’t click, your next sub will be different.

  • Leave retention to us

    Swing subs earn bonuses, recognition, and awards to ensure they love their roles and want to continue subbing.

Find out if Swing is operating near you.

“Within a day of signing the contract we already had a substitute position filled. The system is so user-friendly and easy to use that our teachers were able to utilize it without any formal training, although Swing has provided our staff with two separate trainings just in case we had any questions.”

Laura Wilson
School Director, Pioneer Prep

“We have been able to craft a group that works best for our school by using the favorites list. So when we have educators from Swing and they’ve worked really well with our students, we can put them on our list and keep them coming back very regularly.”

Pamela Merkerson
Director of Talent Management – Paul Public Charter School

“There are definitely time savings. In peak times when there are a lot of teachers sick or out for different reasons, we’re saving a few hours a week managing substitute teachers with Swing as opposed to when we used to have to do it.”

Christine Fairless
School Director – St. Paul’s Episcopal School

Helpful Content

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Anatomy of a successful substitute request

To find substitutes that fit your community and want to return to your district, there are concrete steps you can take to make your sub assignments as attractive as possible.


The easiest way to manage substitute teachers