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The best place to be a substitute teacher

Experience the freedom to choose where, when, and what you substitute teach.

Teach on your terms

Browse available jobs on a single mobile app and accept jobs based on the factors most important to you.

Flexibility at your fingertips

Apply once and choose from hundreds of jobs near you. Decide where you want to work based on grade level, commute time, pay rate, and more.

A modern experience for subs

Say goodbye to day-of waiting for a morning phone call. Our mobile app has everything you need to set your schedule in advance and prepare for your assignment.

Own your earning potential

Get paid every Friday and control how much you earn by choosing how many days you work.

Hone your craft as an educator

With access to educational professionals at a variety of schools and a team here to help along the way, you’ll receive valuable feedback and grow your teaching skills.

Work that fits your life

Work/life balance is easy to achieve with Swing. Take on a long-term position or choose a new assignment every day. Work every day in a week or just a few.

“Swing gives you flexibility and freedom. As a sub, you decide how many days you work, you decide what your job looks like.”

Valerie Pierce
Swing Sub who has worked 600 days in New Jersey

“Swing is a great opportunity. It’s like a good friend – it doesn’t take up all your time but it’s there when you need it”

Jose Vanderburg
Swing Sub who has worked 189 days in California

“Swing streamlines the process of getting work. It’s hard to manage work for multiple districts, but with Swing you have a lot of jobs to choose from and can pick where you want to teach.”

John Garcia
Swing Sub who has worked 186 days in California

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