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Connecting substitute teachers with K-12 schools

An easier way to be a substitute teacher and find subs

When schools and districts have reliable access to substitute teachers and subs have the freedom to choose what and when they teach, more classes are covered and student learning stays on track. At Swing, we’re building a technology-enabled marketplace that connects schools and subs in new and innovative ways.

The problem

Teacher absences disrupt student learning

With the ongoing teacher shortage, schools and districts rely on substitute teachers to cover classes. But it’s hard for subs to get started and fit subbing into their schedules.

The Swing solution

A better way to connect subs and schools

The Swing platform makes it easy for administrators to request subs from a vetted, high-quality pool while giving subs autonomy over what, where, and when they teach.

The results

Student learning stays on track

Schools and districts save time and money, so they can focus on full-time staff and student outcomes. Subs work on their own terms while making a difference in students’ lives.

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Whether you’re a school or a sub, it’s easy to get started with Swing.