How to Find Moments of Zen in a Busy Classroom

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Often as a substitute teacher, you face moments when students are talkative, restless, or rambunctious. The more calm you can bring to your classroom, the better. So, whenever times get tense, you can take a step back and channel some Zen into your classroom. Here’s how. Practice mindfulness. Jon Kabat-Kinn, a famous doctor and pioneer of the mindfulness movement, defines … Read More

How to Survive a Tough Classroom as a Sub

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Maybe you’ve known it from the minute you walked in the door. Maybe it’s only as you’re wrapping up your first lesson. There’s no denying it, though: this class is hard to handle. Whether they’re spirited fourth graders who won’t sit down or (seemingly) apathetic tenth graders who won’t look up, any classroom can be set on the right course. … Read More

What the Best Substitute Teachers Do Differently

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You don’t want just any substitute filling in at your school — you want the best. And here at Swing, we’ve made it our business to know what sets great subs apart from the pack. Here’s what the very best substitute teachers do differently. They are ready for anything. Stellar substitutes know that anything can happen in another teacher’s classroom. … Read More

Are You Ready for Your First Day of Substitute Teaching in a New Classroom? [CHECKLIST]

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  To help you prepare for your first day in a new classroom, we’ve built this handy substitute teacher checklist. Feel free to tailor it to your own needs! Download the checklist here. From the school  Student handbook  School schedule  Emergency protocol info  Attendance procedure  Class list  Wifi passwords  Keys  Out-of-class procedures (bathroom, water fountain, etc.)  School-wide behavior management plan  Directory … Read More