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How much do substitute teachers make?

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Whether you’re looking to become a substitute teacher or you just secured your first gig, you’ll probably have a few questions, such as, ‘how much do substitute teachers make?’.

While the unsatisfying answer is, ‘that depends’, we can dive a bit deeper into the salary you can expect as a substitute teacher and how Swing Education makes it easy to understand how much you will be paid. 

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How much do substitute teachers really make?

There are lots of factors to consider when discussing substitute teaching pay rates.

The first, and most important, factor to take into account is location. Pay range greatly varies based on where you will be working. For example, a sub in Texas can make approximately $107 per day, while a sub in California can make up to $316 per day. Even then, pay can differ depending on what city or district you’re working in. 

If you have a certification, are a retired teacher of the district, or are working in a special education classroom, there also may be certain monetary incentives to boost your pay rate. 

STATE INFO ON BECOMING A SUBSTITUTE TEACHER: New Jersey | Texas | New York | Arizona | Washington D.C. | California

Can I earn a full-time salary as a substitute teacher?

Typically, substitute teaching is considered a side hustle. But if you wanted to make it a full-time job, could you? 

If substitute teaching is something you want to dedicate all your time to, there’s no shortage of job opportunities to occupy your time. Full-time substitute teachers can make between $31-68k annually, but again, this range is greatly affected by a number of outside factors, such as where you are substitute teaching. 

Keeping that range in mind, you’ll have to consider your average annual expenses and whether you’ll have to seek out additional work during the summer months when school is out of session (subs on reddit recommend driving for Uber, working retail, becoming a camp counselor, and waitressing). 

How Swing brings clarity to substitute teacher pay

We understand the frustration of not knowing the total amount you can earn before signing up for a substitute teaching job. 

So instead of making you guesstimate how much you’ll be making for the duration of substitute teaching, Swing now provides you with an estimate of your total pay for any given assignment. 


We take the hourly wage and number of hours in the request, and do the mental math for you. At Swing, we want to give you as much insight into your pay as possible. From average daily pay rate to knowing how and when you’ll get paid—you’ll no longer be left in the dark. 

If you’re ready to sub with an organization that keeps your best interests in mind, then check out Swing Education today!

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