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Swing Sub Stories: Why I substitute teach

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Swing Education substitute teachers have different backgrounds and live in different places, but share a passion for helping students succeed. To that end, we recently asked our substitute teachers to share their stories: What inspired them to get into subbing, and why do they find it to be such a meaningful profession?

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Here are some of their responses:

“I sub because I know what it feels like as the general ed teacher to leave your students. I want to make sure that the students don’t miss out on their “aha” moment just because their regular teacher is not in class. Every day matters, so it matters to have a great sub, and that’s what I aspire to be.”

— Jennifer “Jeni” W

“I sub because in the school I go to there aren’t many teachers that look like the students in the schools. I have had students surprised by having a black male sub and how it positively affects classroom behavior. I appreciate the flexibility in schedule and to just be present in these classrooms and students appreciate it. I feel like I am able to make an impact.”

— Mike B

“I sub because the next generation is our future leaders, politicians, health care professionals, trade workers, lawyers, etc. What better impact than to personally inspire and encourage greatness. Teaching gives a platform to lift others up, inspire, and challenge students to become the best version of themselves. I change the world by changing 1 life.”

— Lauren B

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“I always wanted to be a teacher, but now that I have my son substitute teaching allows me to be in a classroom with students and still being home to care for my son as much as possible.”

— Courtney T

“I sub because I love the flexibility of my schedule while still being able to continue to work in education. I want to get back into a classroom full time, and subbing lets me try out different grades and schools every day!”

— Jennifer P

“I sub because students need mentors to take place in teaching them the tools for success when their teachers or schools can’t. Traveling to new schools becomes a learning experience that helps me better understand the different needs of different areas. I have had the privilege to inspire young students to turn around and become successful academically, and that is truly why I enjoy it.”

— Silbia B

“I sub because I love being a part of educating children. As a former teacher and administrator, I know how important it is to have qualified educators in front of children making a difference!”

— Benita L

“I became a guest teacher because I love the flexibility of choosing which schools to support and the days that fit into my schedule. Reviewing diverse lesson plans throughout the school year stimulates teacher awareness, and it’s rewarding to be a positive role model to the kids!”

— Deshon S

“I sub because I love being a part of educational development of a student and I love kids. The schedule is really flexible and it is a learning experience for myself to be patient and refresh my knowledge on various subject matters. It is a huge opportunity to meet a lot of different people every single day.”

— Pradeep K

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