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The benefits of getting your substitute teaching certificate

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Substitute teaching is a great way to familiarize yourself with the classroom on your own schedule, while learning tons of transferable skills. However, there are certain requirements that need to be met before you can stand at the front of the classroom.

These days, more and more schools are requiring potential substitutes to have a credential. For some, you can substitute up to 30 days without a credential, but in others, subbing isn’t even a possibility without one. 

The steps to earning a credential vary by state, but in case you need convincing before starting the process, here are some of the (many) benefits to earning your substitute teaching credential.

Find your local state requirements here: New York | Texas | California | Arizona | Washington D.C. | New Jersey | Illinois


Earning a credential proves that you have met a certain set of standards and are qualified and competent to run a successful classroom. If there is a specific subject you’d rather teach, obtaining a certification in that subject will provide you more authority (and even confidence!) when it comes to teaching that subject. Furthermore, having a credential increases your chances for upward career advancement (think: full time teacher!).


When you earn your teaching credential, the world of substitute teaching opens up for you. There’s (practically) no job you aren’t qualified for! You’ll have access to nearly twice as many roles, allowing you to select only the roles that fit best into your life.


In addition to more teaching opportunities, your substitute credential will allow you to stand out against the crowd and qualify for a wider variety of positions, including long-term assignments. Access to these opportunities allow for higher pay, job security, and even experience on the path to becoming a full time teacher.

If you’re ready to take your substitute teaching experience to the next level, try breaking away from the status quo and experience an easier way to sub with Swing. Substitute teachers are providing an immeasurable value to schools and districts right now, and we want to treat you with the autonomy and flexibility that you crave and deserve. 

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