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Why it’s better to substitute teach with Swing

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If you’ve made a career as a substitute teacher, then you know that schools and districts need your unique skill set now more than ever before. Teachers are burned out and schools and districts are turning to subs for support. As you know, substitute teaching is far from a glorified form of babysitting. Your life experiences and passions play an important role in adding value to the classroom environment and keeping student learning on track.

However, as an experienced sub, you also know that, even as you’re making a difference in students’ lives, you have limited autonomy over your own. Traditionally, substitute teachers are unable to control when, where, or what they teach. And that’s if you can even find a job — it can be challenging to find and apply for readily available substitute teaching roles near you.

There has to be a better way. And at Swing, we couldn’t agree more. We’re building technology that gives you autonomy over your subbing experience. Our optimized platform, dedicated support team, and targeted rewards put the control back in your hands. When you sub with Swing you can easily find and select the assignments that you actually want, so that you can focus more on teaching and less on the logistics of responding to requests.

Take back control over your teaching schedule

If you’ve been substitute teaching for a while, you may be familiar with the classic 6 AM wake-up call, seeing if you are available to sub that day. When you sub with Swing, you can wave goodbye to last-minute assignments because you get to choose what and when you teach. Our platform makes it easy to filter requests by criteria such as location, commute times, grade level, and schools on your favorites list. You can even see if lesson plans will be included in your assignment. This way, your schedule is in your hands and you can fit subbing into your day rather than the other way around.

Choose just as much or as little variety as you want

Perhaps you are a former full-time teacher and have a grade level that you prefer to teach. Or, maybe you want to broaden your experience and try out a variety of schools, grade levels, and subject areas. As a sub on the Swing platform, you choose your assignments, which means that you can teach something different every day and are less likely to be caught off guard about the subject or grade that you’ll be teaching.

Own your earning potential

When you substitute teach with Swing, you get paid every Friday and you can control how much you earn by choosing how many days you work. At Swing, we also strive to bring additional clarity and transparency to substitute teacher pay. For each substitute assignment, Swing provides an estimate of your total pay for a any given assignment. This limits confusion for potential substitutes and improves school to sub communication. We want to give you as much insight into your pay as possible, so that can choose the assignments that work best for you. 

Experience a platform built by educators for educators

Our technology platform optimizes the experience of subbing. From our one-time, paperless onboarding to our dedicated support team, we make it easy for you to get into the classroom. Rather than working with many different districts in your area or a local temp agency, the Swing platform does the heavy lifting of partnering with districts and collecting sub requests. As a result, you get to focus on teaching instead of getting bogged down by logistics and multiple onboarding processes. Also, we recognize the importance of a positive subbing experience, from responding to a request to providing feedback at the end of the day. We not only make those processes easier, but we also give our subs opportunities to earn cash bonuses and rewards along the way.

If you love to substitute teach, it’s time to break away from the status quo and experience an easier way to sub. Here’s everything you need to know about subbing with Swing in California, New York, and Texas. Substitute teachers are providing an immeasurable value to schools and districts right now, and we want to treat you with the autonomy and flexibility that you crave and deserve. Sign up to be a sub with Swing today.

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