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school insights end of year round up

2023 School Insights round-up

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Before we close out the calendar year, we wanted to take a minute to look back on all we’ve been able to accomplish together this year.

Take a second to reflect with us and check out our most clicked on resources from 2023.

How can schools use roving substitute teachers?

When a teacher calls out sick, admins often have less than two hours to find a substitute teacher for the day. However, it’s hard to find subs to cover classes with such short notice (in fact, last-minute requests have the lowest fill rate at 36%!). 

Last-minute requests may go unfulfilled, but the need for last-minute subs isn’t going anywhere. Schools and districts need another solution to get classrooms covered and keep student learning on track. Enter: roving subs.

7 qualities the best substitutes look for in a school

First impressions are key to “wowing” new substitute teachers. Subs learn about the school’s culture through what you tell (and show!), about your guidelines and expectations, and also how you deliver that information. Prioritize these qualities to stand out from the crowd to subs looking for work.

How to recruit the best substitute teachers

Even in the midst of a substitute teacher shortage, there are a number of ways to recruit substitute teachers. There are many recruiting methods to consider, like partnering with credentialing schools or alternative-route certification programs, getting creative on social media, and holding in-person hiring events. If you’re looking to level-up your recruiting tactics, we’ve got you covered.

The benefits of outsourcing your substitute pool

With the substitute teacher shortage taking a toll across the country, many schools and districts are struggling to find the best way to cover teacher absences. Many turn to outside agencies to improve fill-rate. Schools and districts use these agencies in different ways — some outsource their entire substitute teacher operations, others supplement their internal teacher pool, while others use them specifically for hard-to-fill absences. No matter how you choose to supplement your sub pool, check out these five benefits of working with a partner to find, manage, and retains subs.

Why schools should shift to marketplace staffing

Thanks to the national teacher shortage, recruiting and maintaining a healthy substitute teaching pool is an increasingly prevalent challenge. Schools are going out of their way to find innovative solutions to their most pressing problems. That’s why now more than ever, school districts are opting out of old school staffing agencies in favor of a partnership with staffing marketplaces. Here’s everything you need to know.

Anatomy of a successful sub request call to action
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Who are Swing subs?

Read on to meet the substitute teachers that work with Swing, a trusted partner to help your district with the teacher shortage.