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Why schools should shift to marketplace staffing

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Thanks to the national teacher shortage, recruiting and maintaining a healthy substitute teaching pool is an increasingly prevalent challenge. You likely know the old recruiting trifecta all too well: job postings, career fairs, and newspaper ads. 

You likely also know that these tried and true methods aren’t working as well as they used to, and your schools are left using other teachers and administrators to fill in when vacancies arise.

Schools are going out of their way to find innovative solutions to their most pressing problems. That’s why now more than ever, school districts are opting out of old school staffing agencies in favor of a partnership with staffing marketplaces.

What is a marketplace?

Today’s qualified, potential subs are looking for opportunities in different places. Traditional staffing agencies require a rigorous process to find the right candidate for the right job. In order to fill a vacant teaching role, schools must sort through disjointed sources to find the right candidates. Staffing marketplaces, on the other hand, bring everyone together into a common digital space, making it easier to quickly fill open positions.

While traditional staffing agencies currently make up most of the market, online staffing marketplaces are growing about 18 times faster than traditional staffing, illustrating a shift in where candidates look first for work.

Marketplace staffing is attractive to candidates because it encourages short-term work and flexibility, while also providing components of personalization for schools looking to fill vacant roles. 

Swing = substitute teacher marketplace

Industry-leading substitute teacher staffing marketplaces like Swing understand this shifting dynamic between traditional and marketplace staffing. With Swing, schools have full control over scrolling, reviewing, assigning, and requesting subs all on the platform. As of Fall 2022, Swing has filled over 117,000 days with substitute teachers to cover classes. We have the tools, best practices, and platform to connect schools and subs in new and innovative ways. 

Standardized requests

Our (new!) updated request format is optimized for clear and concise communication. The new format provides more structure for admins, while also increasing submission speed (it takes schools an average of just two minutes to submit a request through the platform). After submitting a request, schools are able to quickly fill absences more efficiently with an extensive classroom-ready sub network. 

Preference matching

We help subs find their ideal assignment match through selecting preferences in their profiles.  Post your request within seconds and reduce the time it takes for it to be filled. When a sub accepts your request, you know they’re the right fit for the job. Bonus: Swing subs are equipped with bachelor’s degrees and clean background checks before they appear on the platform.

A+ day-of experience

In order to provide the best day-of experience, the Swing platform empowers schools to ‘favorite’ the subs they love the most. Once selected, schools will have the ability to send out requests to your preferred subs before sending it out to the larger network, improving both the sub experience with schools, and vice versa. 

Time back

We provide support from recruitment, compliance, payroll, onboarding to scheduling. Your dedicated customer success manager partners with you to make sure you get the most out of the Swing platform, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Post your sub request within seconds and reduce the time it takes for it to be accepted and in the hands of a classroom-ready substitute teacher.

Ready to partner with Swing? Let’s get started.

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