Swing Education Unveils New Logo and Website

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We are thrilled to unveil a new look to Swing Education!

Since we started this journey three years ago, we have been relentlessly focused on solving the substitute teacher shortage problem. The average student will spend about six months of their school career with a substitute, and it is a critical function we must get right for our education system.

Now, three years later, we have grown to partner with over 600 schools and have served over 1 million students… and we are still just getting started. We are continuing to evolve, and an integral part of that is updating our look and feel to reflect our mission and values.

Today, we are proud to share our new look with you.


It starts with our new logo. It features the new Swing Sthe letter S supported by a swing. This symbol represents the three “S’s” we support: our Sub talent pool, our Schools, and the Students who are best served by well-staffed classrooms. Our logo reminds us of our central mission every time we look at it: to help subs, schools, and students soar to new heights.

We have also given our website a complete makeover. It’s more sleek and simplified, as well as easier to use. It creates a new space for schools and subs to learn about our growing community.

We are grateful to have you along as we continue on the journey to provide the best solution to connect schools and subs!

Mike Teng

CEO & Cofounder

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