Start Subbing in Washington D.C. in 3 Easy Steps

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You may be ready to become a substitute teacher in Washington D.C., but have heard that it’s a complicated process, with mounds of paperwork and long interviews.

But we have good news: Swing Education believes it should be easy for high-quality substitute teachers to get the jobs they want, when and where they want them. If you live in Washington D.C. and have a bachelor’s degree, you may have what it takes to be a substitute teacher with Swing.

Swing matches great schools with great substitutes. We will:

  • Connect you with schools.
  • Prepare and support you every step of the way!

(If you aren’t familiar with substitute teaching in Washington D.C. and don’t know where to begin, check out our complete guide to becoming a substitute teacher in Washington D.C.)

Here are three easy steps to becoming a Swing substitute teacher in Washington D.C.:

1. Sign up with Swing

Start the process by spending two minutes filling out this background questionnaire. Once you complete the form, you’ll be able to log into our platform where we’ll guide you through the next steps.

2. Complete Screening

There are three primary elements to completing your screening with Swing Education:

  • Online education verification
  • Background checks (one national fingerprint-based check, and one local)
  • TB test

We’ll walk you through each step and will be here to answer any questions after you sign up with us. 

Start Subbing! 

Now comes the fun part. Once you have completed the setup process with Swing, you will immediately start receiving notifications for available opportunities in a large number of schools across Washington D.C.:

  • You’ll be able to teach when you want — you can choose to take or leave any assignment that comes your way
  • You’ll be able to teach in a variety of schools and grade levels
  • You’ll be paid each week, and get access to a variety of fun perks and giveaways

Ready to go? Sign up today!

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