Creative Ideas for Substitute Teachers to Manage Tough Classrooms

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A substitute teacher manages a class of students

The unexpected can strike in even the best-prepared schools, so it’s helpful to have a good mix of tools and tricks ready to go when you start an assignment. Here are a few ideas that can help in challenging classroom environments. Creative a Survival Pack When you head out the door, have a bag packed with essentials for the unexpected. … Read More

Substitute Teacher Dress Code: What to Wear as a Sub

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Like they do in all professional settings, first impressions matter in the classroom. Schools are looking for reliable, engaged, and professional substitute teachers, and they sometimes offer feedback on how subs present themselves. Schools use dress codes as a way to show students what professionalism looks like, and they expect their educators to wear appropriate attire as well. Many schools … Read More

4 Tips For When the Sub Assignment or Role Is Unclear

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Many schools’ rules, guidelines, plans, and procedures have been developed over multiple years. Along those lines, a full-time teacher might spend weeks setting up daily classroom routines within the structure of their school policies. So when you walk into the building for the first time as a substitute teacher, the last thing you’d want is to disrupt the flow. A … Read More

50 Quick Activities for When Sub Lessons Run Short

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From time to time, all substitute teachers find themselves with minutes to spare at the end of class. Whether it’s because students move too quickly through the material, lesson plans run short, or technical difficulties cause a hiccup, consider it an opportunity to make good use of a little extra time. The suggestions below include creative activities, movement-based activities, and … Read More