5 Good Summer Jobs for Substitute Teachers

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Substitute teacher

There’s no shortage of summertime options for substitute teachers. When the school year concludes, you can take some time to recharge, sharpen your teaching skills, or pursue seasonal work.

Here are five summer jobs to consider for substitute teachers.

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No matter the grade level or subject, tutors play an important role for students at all stages of their development. Tutors assist students in everything from the occasional homework assignment to standardized tests and everything in between. Tutoring is a great way for substitute teachers to help students using the skills they’ve developed leading classes during the school year.

There are several ways substitute teachers can become tutors.

  • You can work for a tutoring center or agency like Mathnasium — there are many different tutoring companies, with different specialities, around the country
  • You can become a private tutor, connecting with clients on services like Wyzant, Care.com, Upwork, HeyTutor, as well as through your own network.

Camp Counselor

From sports to tech, adventure to sleepaway, and plenty in between, there are many types of summer camps. The most rewarding employment opportunities for substitute teachers, however, might be found at an academic summer camp.

In addition to the fun and games that are found in a traditional summer camp setting, academic summer camps offer valuable out-of-school learning opportunities that help students get a step ahead.

Substitute teachers have a perfect background for academic summer camps jobs — their teaching skills and diverse curriculum knowledge helps them support campers. (That’s why Galileo Summer Camps offers priority hiring to Swing Education substitute teachers, for example.)

Summer School Teacher

The end of the academic year doesn’t mean the end of learning at many school locations. Substitute teachers can explore summer school job opportunities directly with a school or district, or with an online jobs platform like Indeed, SchoolSpring, or Monster.

Online Teacher

If you’re looking to continue to teach over the summer but would prefer to do so from the comfort of your own home, the virtual education world might be the right fit. Organizations like Qkids, Odysseyware, Teachaway, Flexjobs, and many more connect qualified teachers with students via the internet. The growth of online learning has resulted in an increased demand for web-based teachers, and many of these opportunities are flexible and part-time.

Gig Economy Opportunities

Gig economy jobs are tailor-made for flexibility, and many fit seamlessly within a substitute teacher’s summer schedule. 

Animal lover? Rover can connect you with dog owners who need a sitter. Or, get paid to walk dogs with Wag.

Like to hit the road and explore new places? You can work for a company like Uber, LyftPostmates, Caviar, or Grubhub.

Good with household projects? Consider joining Handy.

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7 Comments on “5 Good Summer Jobs for Substitute Teachers”

  1. I wanna apply for summer subtittute. Are you guys looking for summer subtitute teacher. Im also a subtitute teacher

    1. Hi there,

      Although request volume is lower over the summer than the school year, we are partnered with a variety of summer camps/year-round schools, so Swing Subs do still receive subbing opportunities over the summer months. You can get started with Swing by filling out this quick registration form.

  2. I am interested in Summer work and tutoring . I have 4. Years as a sub and have taught for 5 years as an adjunct science professor.

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for your note. Swing serves schools in California, Arizona, Texas, Washington D.C., New York, and New Jersey, and we do work with some year-round schools as well as summer programs in some of our service areas.

      You can get started with Swing (and accessing available summer subbing opportunities) by filling out this quick registration form.

  3. I am a retired teacher a Masters in social work and education I taught for many years in the South Bronx with a very diverse population of students For the ast 5 years I have taught on public and charter schools in New York and Newark
    I have taught students from pre-K through high school
    Teresa Schachter

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