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who are swing subs

Meet the sub pool that keeps learning on track

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Substitute teaching is changing: schools and districts need more subs than ever before and substitute teachers are looking for more flexibility and freedom in their teaching schedule. To ensure classroom coverage where and when it’s needed most, districts are experimenting with new and innovative ways to find subs and seeking out partners who can help. At Swing, we’re experts in building sub pools. We’ve helped get classrooms covered since 2015.

We know quality matters. We’ve helped thousands of schools across the United States fill nearly 800,000 teacher & paraprofessional absences. Not only have we accomplished these milestones through our tech, our automation, and our advanced reservation system, but we’ve also raised the quality bar in the process.

Through precision recruiting tactics, we cast a wide, yet targeted net, allowing us to recruit from the largest possible pool of qualified subs. Swing subs are experienced educators and talented members of your community. Equipped with bachelor’s degrees and clean background checks, they are eager to give back to their communities and make a difference in student lives.

Meet the types of subs in our pool

Members of your community
Your community is full of talented individuals looking to give back. This group of subs, which comprises a majority of the substitute teachers that work with Swing, bring unique expertise to their assignments. From artists to farmers, they want to help students while maintaining flexible schedules that allow for other pursuits.

Aspiring teachers
Substitute teaching can be a great entry point for aspiring teachers who are honing their skills and looking for the right fit for their future careers. These individuals partner with Swing to experiment with different subjects and schools. They bring energy, enthusiasm, and a fresh perspective to the classroom.

Experienced subs
Experienced substitutes are veteran educators who appreciate the work/life balance of substitute teaching. They may have subbed directly with districts in the past, and they love working with Swing because the platform gives them more control over their schedules and livelihood.

Diverse backgrounds
More than half of Swing Subs (56%) identify as a BIPOC, which is a significant difference from the average. Not only does this help students of diverse backgrounds see themselves reflected in their education, it also helps Swing to create coverage in areas where others may struggle.

The benefits of hiring Swing subs

When schools request a sub from Swing, they know they are hiring from a reliable and classroom-ready pool. Our optimized platform, dedicated support team, and data allow us to deeply understand the characteristics of a successful sub and recruit for them, leaving us with a diverse pool of subs that meet the demands of our partner districts.

Swing subs are classroom ready from day one, thanks to support from our teams who are fully dedicated to streamlining the substitute teacher experience.

When you work with Swing, you get subs who are:

  • Fully vetted: 100% of Swing Subs have a clean background check and fit your state requirements.
  • Prepared: Our support teams are dedicated to the substitute teacher experience — we support them throughout the entire onboarding process so you don’t have to.
  • Ready to work: Swing Subs are eager to give back and make a difference. They are experience, talented, and ready to hit the ground running.

Additionally, Swing retains more than 94% of the active substitutes on our platform every month, leading to larger sub pools over time. 

Recruiting, vetting, and managing individual subs is important and time-consuming work. Save administrative time and opt into our online platform to help offset your workload and focus on running your school. Swing is the trusted partner you can count on to recruit new substitutes and retain existing ones.

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Anatomy of a successful substitute request

To find substitutes that fit your community and want to return to your district, there are concrete steps you can take to make your sub assignments as attractive as possible.