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How substitute teaching is helping me become a full time teacher

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Roselle Baldovino began her substitute teaching career about one year ago with the hopes of using it as a springboard to become a full time teacher. Throughout her time in the classroom she’s fallen in love with the journey.

So many things to love

There are so many things I love about substitute teaching: the smiling children who are happy to learn. I love teaching new things in new schools. I love being able to help out teachers when they get sick or need time off. I love teaching prepared lessons and also creating my own backup activities when we finish early. I love being an inspiration.

Path to full-time teaching

I first became a substitute teacher to see what grades I like to teach. I want to become a full time teacher someday, so I became a substitute teacher to learn the necessary skills. I am currently in the masters and teaching credential program. Teaching is my passion — I want to inspire children to learn.

I want to give back to my community by providing the same type of education I received as a child. I started off with a few long-term substitute teaching jobs for a couple different schools, which was a challenge during the pandemic. I worked in Compton and that was such a tough job — despite the challenges, I was able to gain so much experience. I have loved every moment of subbing and cannot wait to be a full-time teacher.

Why I use Swing

The Swing platform makes being a sub easier. I am able to see what schools, types of assignments, and grade levels in advance. I love the flexibility of creating your own schedule rather than being called in at the last minute.

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