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referral program

Everything you need to know about Swing Education’s updated referral program

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We all know that finding reliable substitute teachers is a challenge across the whole nation. That’s where we come in. Enter, Swing Education’s new and improved referral program. With benefits across the board, here’s everything you need to know about our revamped referral system.


What’s better than a career that allows you to set your own schedule? Friends to join you! Referring your friends to substitute teach not only helps them find meaningful work, but also has benefits for you. When you refer your friends to sub with Swing Education, you’ll both receive $100 after they complete just one assignment with Swing.

How it works

We’ve recently redesigned our referral program, so even if you’ve participated in the past, be sure to read on for updated information on how our program works.

  1. Utilize your new unique URL: With this new reset, all Swing subs will be receiving a brand new URL to their email. Simply share your new link with your network and watch the rewards roll in. 
  2. Rewards straight to your paycheck: Say goodbye to the hassle of gift card redemption and waiting. We’re making things smoother by directly adding your rewards to your weekly paycheck.
  3. Give, get, repeat: Our referral program is all about “give and get”. The best part is, there’s no limit to how many friends you can refer. When your friend completes their first assignment with us, both of you will receive $100.

Don’t worry, all referrals made prior to August 16, 2023 using your old URL are still valid and will be rewarded upon the referee’s first completed assignment.

Impact of your referral

Thanks to the efforts of SwingSubs, we’ve been able to fill more than 2,500 teacher absences through referrals alone. The contributions of the Swing community have allowed thousands of students to have continuous learning throughout the school year. 

Every day as a substitute teacher is an opportunity to make a difference in students’ lives. Embrace the challenges and rewards that come along with this role, and be open to continuous learning and growth. With careful preparation, a commitment to excellence, and friends working alongside you, the upcoming school year will be one for the books!

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