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march product updates

What’s new at Swing: March product updates

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Spring break wasn’t the only thing in full swing in the month of March! The product team here at Swing Education has been busy building new features and enhancements to improve your Swing experience.  While the headlining release was our new Swing Schools App, the theme of the month was “reliability”. In an effort to continue our mission of becoming our partners’ #1 source for connecting substitute teachers with classrooms in need, we also released a few updates designed to ensure safety and reliability continue to be at the core of what we do.

View-only admins can now report issues

Swing’s platform supports multiple user types, each with different levels of access and control for their accounts. Now, users with the “View-only Admin” user-type will be able to “report an issue” with a sub, helping teachers and admins quickly surface feedback for the Swing team to review. 

Help manage your schools’ substitute teachers by reporting:

  • Late arrivals
  • No shows
  • Early departures

If you would like to add additional ‘view only’ admins, please reach out to our support team. 

Learn how

Speedy solutions with the Response and Resolutions team

Classroom safety is one of our top priorities at Swing. In the rare event that there is a safety issue at a school that may involve a Swing Sub, timely communication is of the utmost importance. If an admin leaves negative feedback, blocks the sub from campus, and marks “Safety” as the concern, users will be provided with a direct link to schedule a call with a member of our Response and Resolutions team. This will create a more seamless experience and a quicker resolution for admins.

In case you missed it

Our recent research shows that there is a critical window of time to post sub jobs in order to maintain the highest possible fill-rates. With our new Swing Schools mobile app sub coordinators have all the tools needed to book sub requests faster without needing to be tethered to the desk.

schools app / admin app

Ready to get started? Download the Swing Schools app on iOS or Android today and continue improving your fill rates.

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How Swing partners with you

Learn how Swing works with different roles at the school and district level to help ease the burden of substitute management.