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maximize swing experience

How to maximize your Swing experience

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Whether or not you’re new to the Swing platform, we are constantly making updates to enhance your experience. At Swing, we’re more than just a platform — we’re a partner, and we’re here to help you succeed.

Take advantage of resources

As our partner, there are so many resources available to schools, and the best way to take advantage of the platform is to utilize as many as you can. 

Favorite feature 

If there’s a sub you particularly like, be sure to use our “favorite” feature. They’ll be first to know of any open assignments at your school. Building these relationships with subs is a great tool for increased fill rate, and also consistency for your students and staff.

Customer Success Manager (CSM) 

Your dedicated CSM is a valuable resource at your disposal. Take advantage of their expertise to understand your pay rate competitiveness in the market and best practices to increase your fill rate.

Ample advance notice

The biggest difference between filling a teacher vacancy and not, is how much advance notice you provide. Plan ahead and submit requests as soon as possible. While not every absence can be anticipated, keep Swing in the loop so we can help get those known days on the platform with a quick and easy bulk upload. 

If there are days that you know will have a higher absence rate such as during the holidays, cold and flu season, or even during professional development, be sure to utilize roving requests through the Swing platform. These requests allow administrators to plan for teacher absences without knowing exactly when a teacher will be out. Roving requests give subs more time to review and accept open roles. As a result, roving requests have a 74% fill rate, over double that of last-minute requests, and only 11% of roving requests are canceled due to lack of need. And subs go into these assignments knowing that they will have to adapt to whatever the school needs that day.

Don’t neglect the details

When you’re submitting requests, the more details you provide, the better. Sharing information like where to park, a point of contact, whether or not there will be sub notes is extremely valuable and is likely to increase the chances of the right sub accepting your request.

Additionally, be sure to fill out your school’s profile as comprehensively as you can. Again, the more information subs have, the more likely they are to accept your requests time and time again.

As your partner, we are here to support you the best we can. Thank you for your commitment to education and to Swing Education.

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