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How Pioneer Prep finds substitute teachers without traditional staffing agencies

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Meet Pioneer Prep

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Pioneer Preparatory School serves over 600 students in grades K-6. Pioneer strives to provide its students with the knowledge and wisdom to be self-sustaining members of society. 

The challenge: not enough subs

After having to split students into other classrooms as a result of unfilled teacher vacancies, Pioneer Prep knew that traditional staffing agencies weren’t meeting their needs. Not only did they need help filling absences quickly, but also needed assistance recruiting, vetting, and supporting a large group of quality substitute teachers.

“We decided to partner with Swing based on the new approach to filling substitutes that the company utilizes that allows Pioneer to fill openings quicker and with higher-quality candidates,” said Laura Wilson, Pioneer Prep Director.

How Swing quickly fills teacher absences

In contrast to software that might take weeks (or months!) to learn and implement, Pioneer filled its first teacher absence with Swing just hours after finalizing its partnership.

“Getting started with Swing Education was extremely easy,” Wilson said. “Within a day of signing the contract we already had a substitute position filled. The system is so user-friendly and easy to use that our teachers were able to utilize it without any formal training.”

The rights subs at the right time

The right subs, superior customer service, and communication are Swing’s winning combination.

“Swing has helped Pioneer not only fill the open positions quickly, but has provided our students with substitutes that are high-energy, compassionate, and hard-working,” Wilson said. “They show up early in the morning, dressed professionally, and ready to provide our students with the best service possible.

“Swing’s technology notifies us immediately when a sub has accepted the position, as well as if the job has been re-posted. Swing has been phenomenal with their communication, and all interactions with employees from Swing have been very positive and helpful.”

To learn more about Pioneer Prep’s experience with utilizing the Swing platform, read their case study on how they partnered with us to create a winning professional development program. 

And if your district is looking for an innovative approach to finding subs, addressing teacher absences, and keeping learning on track, you can learn more about how we work with districts here.

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