Infographic: Substitute Teachers on Teaching During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Swing Education has been helping over 8,000 substitute teachers nationwide navigate the impact that COVID-19 has made on how sub teach and interact with students. 

Teachers around the world have transitioned to distance teaching, or adapted their classrooms to perform hybrid or on-site teaching safely and effectively. The demands on teachers and the need to support all our educators has never been needed more. 

As schools and districts across the nation have adopted various reopening models and COVID-19 policies, we asked our substitute teachers how likely they are to return to substitute teaching and what impacts their likelihood to do so.

Impact of COVID-19 on substitute teaching, will substitute teachers work during the pandemic?

Are you a substitute teacher? Let us know your thoughts on returning to the classroom during COVID-19.

Swing Education offers a staffing application to provide qualified substitute teachers for K-12 schools. We recruit, screen, and permit educators to fill teacher and support staff absences. Schools and substitutes are matched through Swing Education’s online marketplace, with substitute teachers selecting job opportunities via text or a mobile app. To date, Swing Education has helped more than 2,500 school partners and over 5 million students.

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