How to Continue Building Your Substitute Teaching Career during School Closures

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With school closures related to COVID-19, many substitute teachers are wondering if there is anything they can do to advance their careers while navigating these unprecedented times.  Despite the temporary school closures, the answer is an astounding YES! Here are a few things you can do now to get ahead: Make sure all of your requirements are up to date. … Read More

20 Online Learning Resources to Get You through Coronavirus School Closures

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The current wave of school closures across the United States are leading parents and teachers to search for quality educational activities and online resources for children and students of all ages to continue learning at home. Whether you’re a parent, a teacher or a school district leader, the recent spike in COVID-19 (Coronavirus) cases in the US, along with the … Read More

7 Great Teacher-Inspired Movies & Shows

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There have been numerous movies, TV shows, and comedy skits about the profession of teaching. They depict the challenges, rewards, and even some outrageous no-no’s for those seeking a substitute teacher role.  Many of these fictional teachers have solidified their presence in Hollywood as beloved characters for students, teachers, and moviegoers alike.  Check out this list of some great teacher-inspired … Read More

Swing Sub Stories: Meet Sandra Alexander

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Journey to Substitute Teaching I began substitute teaching in 1999. During this time, I was going through a divorce and was beginning a new chapter in my life with two very young sons.  I thought teaching was a good career choice for me; however, I needed to earn an income immediately. I knew that I had no time or money to … Read More