Professional Development Resources for Substitute Teachers

Janine ChenProfessional Development6 Comments

Even the most experienced substitute teachers have room for improvement. Many substitutes work only days or weeks in the same classroom, which offers unique challenges and rewards. One of the most important things you can do to continue growing as a teacher is to work through some professional development exercises. Here are some readings, online coursework, and self-reflection exercises that … Read More

California Substitute Teaching Permit: How to Get Your SAT Scores

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There are several advantages to getting your substitute teaching permit. For one, you’ll have access to more substitute teaching opportunities — many assignments require permitted substitute teachers. Additionally, you’ll make more money — oftentimes, requests for permitted substitute teachers carry higher pay rates. The easiest way way to obtain your permit in California is with a qualifying SAT score. If … Read More

Why You Should Consider Substitute Teaching for Your Encore Career

Alex MurilloProfessional Development2 Comments

Since Americans are living longer and experiencing more healthy years after retirement, it’s only natural that some of them remain active participants in the workforce. In fact, according to a 2013 survey of adults over 50, more than 80% said it was likely that they’d work for pay after retiring from their primary career. There are a variety of reasons … Read More

7 Quick Ways for Subs to Beat Stress

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Let’s face it, even if you love your job, it comes with its challenges. The students take their time getting used to you, the teacher you’re subbing for doesn’t always leave you prepared, and often you may feel like you’re just winging it.So, if you’re feeling stressed out, here are some quick ways to achieve a little relaxation and peace as a substitute educator.