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What is a permanent substitute teacher?

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Substitute teachers are granted much more flexibility in their positions than full time teachers. Whether that’s the number of days worked per week, what subject they’re teaching, or even which school they go to, no two weeks are the same. 

While the newness can be exciting, the unpredictability of it all may eventually wear off. 

For those who love substitute teaching, routine, and a little excitement, then permanent substitute teaching may be for you.

What is a permanent substitute teacher?

Unlike standard subs, permanent substitute teachers become a part of the school that they work for. While their day to day tasks may change, the sub will remain in the same school for an entire year, building connections with students, faculty, and teachers.

Permanent substitute teachers have the same responsibilities as regular substitutes, but their tasks may change depending on the day. They can fill in for teacher absences, long or short, due to PD, or simply because the full-time teacher is running late. Most of the responsibilities will look familiar to a veteran sub, but additional duties may include:

  • Assigning homework
  • Developing lesson plans
  • Managing the class
  • Developing relationships with students
  • Collaborating with other staff and teachers

Why become a permanent sub

In addition to supporting permanent teachers, faculty, and students, there are a number of benefits for permanent substitute teachers:

While early morning calls for sub jobs are a thing of the past for Swing subs, there’s something to be said for knowing exactly where you’re working each day. While day to day duties may differ, you’ll be working with the same group of staff at the same school for an entire year, no questions asked.

Deepen connections
Working at one school for an entire year almost guarantees you’ll build relationships with teachers, faculty, and students. Whether you bounce around classrooms or set up shop in just one, students will respect you sticking around for the long haul, while teachers will feel confident in your ability to manage their classes.

Grow your skills
A permanent subbing position allows for more skill development than just classroom management. In addition to mastering flexibility and adaptability, permanent substitute teachers will become experts in time management, leadership, communication, organization, and more!

Work up to full time teaching
If full-time teaching is on your goals list, then working as a permanent sub is a great jumping off point. The connections you make with teachers and faculty will be a great leg up when looking for a permanent teaching position.

If you’re looking to become a regular member of a school community, build and deepen relationships, and grow transferable skills, becoming a permanent teacher may be the perfect opportunity for you.

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