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Substitute teaching helps me get real world experience

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As an aspiring school counselor, Agustin Juarez turned to substitute teaching in order to get the hands-on experience that would propel him to the next stage of his career. Thanks to the Swing platform, Agustin has been able to fit subbing seamlessly into his life.

Hands-on experience

I became a substitute teacher so that I could see what support kids need in the classroom setting firsthand. As an aspiring school counselor, I wanted to get a feel of the classroom as a teacher, so that in my future career I can be helpful to both students and teachers.

Favorite part about subbing

My favorite part of substitute teaching is the special connection that I make with students. Even though some assignments are only one day, getting to know the students and figuring out their different learning styles is magnificent and makes for a fun day!

Why I use Swing

Swing is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! That’s the best way to describe Swing. It’s so flexible — I get to choose where and when I want to work. The Swing platform is something that every school should use for their substitute needs!

Whether you’re an experienced educator looking to advance your career, or just looking to get your feet wet, Swing allows you full control over your teaching career. When you sub with Swing, you can easily find and select the assignments that fit best with your lifestyle — not the other way around. 

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