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Jan 03, 2023

How to substitute teach at more than one district

For those just starting their substitute teacher careers and looking to maximize their work experience, you may be wondering, “can I substitute teach in more than one district?”

The short answer: yes! 

However, there are factors to consider before jumping headfirst into multiple districts. When working with more than one district, you are able to expand your professional network (and you know what they say, getting a job is about who you know, not what you know). On the other hand, working for multiple districts requires meticulous organization and coordination on the part of the sub.

If you’re ready to weave through the nitty gritty of substitute teaching for more than one district, we’re here to guide you through the process:

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Getting started

Just like with single district substitute teaching, each district you work for will have their own set of requirements and onboarding steps. While some processes may overlap, it’s just as likely that you’ll need to go through different onboarding experiences in order to get started. To sub at multiple districts, you’ll need to prove that you meet the requirements for each individual district and complete a separate application and onboarding process for each district. 

These requirements may look like:

  • Having a bachelor’s degree
  • Getting a background check and/or fingerprinted
  • Earning a substitute teaching certificate

Time management

When you’re registered to work in multiple districts, managing your calendar will become essential! The last thing you’d want to do is double book yourself, so be sure to clearly mark yourself unavailable when you aren’t able to accept a job.

First thing to note is that different districts may contact their sub pools in different ways. Some may call the morning of, while others may rely on an online platform where assignments pop up. Either way, it’s good to determine which district you want to prioritize, as it’s likely that more than one district will contact you for a job on a given day.

While you may be busy juggling multiple assignments and districts, your classroom and time management skills will flourish.

Swing: the reliable subbing partner

If the promise of more frequent substitute teaching opportunities excites you, then we can help make the process of subbing at multiple districts a bit simpler.

When you sign up to substitute teach through Swing, there is:

  • Just ONE set of substitute teacher requirements 
  • One streamlined application and onboarding process

You’ll be able to substitute teach in as little as two weeks!

With Swing, there’s no more last-minute, early morning phone calls. Our mobile app allows you to view available sub roles at multiple districts near you and pick assignments that work with your schedule. With Swing, you can work as little or as much as you want, without having to juggle multiple onboarding experiences to find more work.

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