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How my passion for education got me into substitute teaching

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Although Ashley Taft has been teaching for nearly three years now, her passion for education started at a very young age. Even when she took a short diversion away from teaching, the classroom always pulled her back.

Destined to become a teacher

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. When I was eight, my idea of “fun” was playing “teacher”. I had all of these educational workbooks that I would have my friends complete — I would even grade them! 

I earned my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education, and began my teaching career. Shortly after, I moved to California to complete a graduate degree in Child Life — a career focused on helping pediatric patients reduce stress while in the hospital. 

However, I found myself really missing the classroom setting. I decided to become a substitute to expand my knowledge in different grades, subjects, and settings.

Finding the fun in learning

Thanks to my education, I have great knowledge of child development and implement that in my job as a sub. 

I believe all learning should be fun, not just filled with busy work (despite my habits as a “teacher” when I was eight!). My goal now is to help teachers and school staff by bringing fun and creativity through engaging teaching styles and games that foster learning.

Though I am just getting my feet wet in substitute teaching, I enjoy building connections with various schools, staff, and students. The students at the first school I subbed at have all remembered me, which helps build consistency in their routine and allows me to establish great rapport with the kids.

Why I sub with Swing

When I was first getting started with Swing, they provided training that makes the platform easy to understand. Swing customer support has also been very helpful and quickly answers requests. Finally, the job board is easy to use, making signing up for jobs very simple!

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