Companies Offering Free Subscriptions and Content for Teachers & Parents Impacted by COVID-19

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In light of recent school closures due to the spread of COVID-19 or the coronavirus, a number of companies are doing their part to support teachers, districts, and others who may be impacted by this health crisis.

Here is a list of companies that offer free subscriptions or now provide special discounts for parents, districts and teachers: 

Curriculum Resources

For Schools and Teachers



Background: provides resources for middle schools and high schools, up to AP level classes.

Free resource: Schools forced to close can get a free, extended pilot for as long as they are impacted.


Background: Free chemistry learning resources for teachers and students.

Free resource: Free software for modeling organic chemistry reaction mechanisms and a virtual molecular modeling program (ModelAR).


Background: Offers traditional textbooks in digitally consumable text with video examples, 3D models and practice tests to make the content more interactive and engaging. All textbooks are curriculum-aligned and are designed to enhance deeper learning.

Free resource:  Offering free access during school closures for schools and districts, as long as they are new users.


Background: A collection of standardized picture symbols used for communication with students who are strong visual learners, including those with autism spectrum disorders, Down Syndrome, speech and language disorders and behavioral disorders.

Free resource: Thematic series of DYI units for teachers called “Boardmaker Activities to Go”, which are all free and ready to download, print and copy.

CK-12 Foundation

Background: Each lesson has a reading passage, videos, optional review questions and self-graded practice questions. The lessons can be assigned to the Google Classroom.

Free resource: Entire platform is always free.

CMU CS Academy

Background: Provides free online, interactive textbooks for high school and middle school teachers to use in teaching computer science in their classrooms.

Free resource: Entire platform is always free.


Background: Easy drag-and-drop lesson creation for teachers.

Free resource: FREE 3-month access to our domain-wide Pro Plan to all schools and institutions in view of COVID-19.


Background: A free website for teachers and students that cover a wide range of math content from middle school through AP Calculus.

Free resource: Entire platform is always free.


Background: Edulastic is an online k-12 assessment tool. It allows teachers to make their own assignments or choose from over 35,000 pre-made assessments. Teachers get immediate feedback, can provide feedback to students, then tie the questions to state learning standards. Edulastic continues to offer free-forever teacher accounts.

Free resource: Providing the certain Premium and Enterprise features for free until July 1, 2020.

Free Math

Background: Allows collecting digital assignments from students and enables quick grading by grouping similar student work on each question.

Free resource: Entire platform is always free.


Background: Gynzy is the all-in-one educational software that combines standards-aligned lessons, bite-sized games & activities, and class management tools to unlock the potential of your Interactive Whiteboard.

Free resource: Teacher Subscription is free.

KET’s PBS Learning Media

Background: Videos, games, lesson plans and supplemental materials can be searched by grade level, subject area, keyword and standard. PBS LearningMedia’s Google Classroom integration makes it easy to share resources with your entire class. Content contributors include KET, PBS, PBS Kids, NASA, the National Archives, the Library of Congress and many more.

Free resource: Entire platform is always free.

Actively Learn

Background: Actively Learn’s features and content make it an ideal platform for remote learning. The catalog includes over 3,000 texts, videos, and simulations that include embedded questions, scaffolding notes, and multimedia to support all learners. They make it easy to collaborate, support students as they read, and provide access when there’s no internet at home and seamlessly integrate with Google Classroom.

Free resource: The curriculum platform is free for the remainder of the school year. All teachers using Actively Learn will be upgraded to our Prime plan through the end of the summer.

Adventure 2 Learning

Background: A video-driven learning platform that curates active learning resources specifically designed for classroom use. The catalog includes over 3,000 texts, videos, and simulations that have embedded questions, scaffolding notes, and multimedia to support all learners. It can be seamlessly integrate with Google Classroom.

Free resource: Fill out the form to receive free remote learning for 60 days. All teachers using Actively Learn will be upgraded to our Prime plan through the end of the summer.


Background: Nearpod is an instructional platform that merges formative assessment and dynamic media for collaborative learning experiences.

Free resource: Nearpod is offering free access during school closures.

Ardor Education

Background: Free personalized math practice.

Free resource: Seventh and Eighth grade Math teachers who are affected by school closures can sign up for a free unlimited subscription.

Ascend Math

Background: Ascend Math offers award winning math instruction that provides an individual study plan for each student, reaching below grade level to close skill gaps. Ascend Math’s study plans are unique to each student, prescriptive, adaptive, and automatically assigned.

Free resource: Your school may have full use of Ascend Math for up to 100 students absolutely free until the end of April. We will provide school-wide licenses at our cost.


Background: ASSISTments improves the learning journey, translating student assessment to skill building and mastery, guiding students with immediate feedback, and giving teachers the time and data insights to drive every step of their lesson in a meaningful way.

Free resource: Entire platform is free.


Background: Better Chinese has the largest collection of proven learning methods and materials that are age-and-level appropriate with the goal of helping students learn Chinese and achieve proficiency.

Free resource: Free online access.


Background: Penjee was designed for remote teaching. Teachers can create virtual classrooms to monitor student progress, facilitate student collaboration, and create different curriculums.

Free resource: Entire platform is now free.


Background: Kapwing is a collaborative online image and video editor with a cloud storage Workspace. It’s an excellent tool for teachers who are making video lessons to send to students for remote learning, for students working together on a group project, or a classroom looking for a digital space to share multimedia projects with each other.

Free resource: Educators affected by COVID-19 can get free access to Kapwing Pro. Teachers can sign up here.


Background: Freckle empowers teachers to differentiate instruction across Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science. Students automatically work on lessons that are perfect for them. That way, they are always engaged and challenged, never facing material that is too difficult or easy for them.

Free resource: Teachers can sign up for a free version.



For Parents and Students

Scholastic Learn At Home

Background: Allows open access to daily learning journeys divided into four grade spans: Pre-K–K, Grades 1–2, Grades 3–5, and Grades 6–9+, covering ELA, STEM, Science, Social Studies, and Social-Emotional Learning.

Free resource: The whole platform was created in light of COVID-19 and is free.


Background: The San Francisco Exploratorium creates joyful, inquiry-based science learning that empowers people to understand the world around them.

Free resource: Physical doors have closed, so they are providing free online learning tools.

Backpack Sciences

Background: A video series on how to teach science, hands-on, without being overwhelmed.

Free resource: A free video series.


Background: Provides vocabulary, grammar, listening activities, and games in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Korean and Latin.

Free resource: Offering a “use without an account” option.


Background: An online resource and repository of great content, shared by a community of teachers.

Free resource: Entire platform is always free.


Background: Provides free resources for AP students — includes live reviews, trivia, and study guides!

Free resource: Entire platform is always free.


Background: Free online access to iCompute’s Learn Programming and Computational Thinking resources. Designed for independent work. Students can work through activities and exercises online at home.

Free resource: Entire platform is always free.

Background: Offers free, high-quality educational materials and current events lessons for teachers, homeschoolers, parents, grandparents, scout troop leaders and more – to anyone interested in learning/teaching!

Free resource: Entire platform is always free.

Google Arts & Culture

Background: Google has teamed up with over 500 museums and galleries around the world to bring everyone virtual tours and online exhibits.

Free resource: Entire platform is always free.


Background: Educational apps for blind and visually impaired students of all ages.

Free resource: In light of COVID-19, all apps are free.


Background: Audible by Amazon has hundreds of titles available completely free. The collection has been handpicked by editors and is a mix of stories to entertain, engage, and inform young people, ages 0–18. These stories offer a screen-free option that may help break up the day for families with students home from school.

Free resource: For as long as schools are closed, all stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet.

Anywhere Teacher

Background: Anywhere Teacher is an online learning program that connects children ages 2-8 with fun, educational activities to reinforce and master essential skills – anywhere, anytime.

Free resource: Use code ATHOME for a free one-month subscription.


Background: AstroSTEM is an exemplary application of interdisciplinary sciences, which aims to enhance the natural curiosity of individuals with practical and digital applications and increase their interest in science with the STEM approach.

Free resource: Platform is free with the creation of an account.

Bamboo Learning

Background: Bamboo Books offers narrated stories and exercises to help children improve listening comprehension. There are 3 different levels to ensure an engaging experience for pre-readers, early, intermediate, and advanced readers. Optionally, when using Alexa screen-based devices, children can follow along with book text & images.

Free resource: Due to school closures, Bamboo Learning is offering free products.

Basho & Friends

Background: Basho & Friends is an interactive, fun way for kids to learn Spanish.

Free resource: Free access to the Spanish All-Access Library through the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

Pixton EDU

Background: Pixton EDU is a web-app that gives teachers and students a unique way to create stories, demonstrate learning, and enhance writing assignments through digital comics. Users can explore topics in Math, Science, Social Studies, History, English, Art, or any other subject.

Free resource: Free access for 30 days.


Background: Sumdog is an online learning tool which provides personalized math and spelling practice for children K-8 grade. Teachers can set focused work to consolidate existing knowledge and get real-time feedback on each individual child, making it an ideal home learning school.

Free resource: Free access until March 31, and extending based on school closures.


Background: Everydae empowers students to realize their full academic potential by building a digital SAT tutor that takes only 10 minutes a day.

Free resource: Free access during school closures.


Online Classes/Courses

CircleTime Fun

Background: Learn and bond with your 0 – 6 year old child. Offering live classes to interact with others online.

Free resource: Follow and interact with an expert instructor. Code: homefun1

Coursera for Campus

Background: Online courses in video format on hundreds of topics.

Free resource: Available at no cost to any university impacted globally.


Background: GoNoodle engages kids with movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts.

Free resource: Videos available for free from anywhere.

Dylexia Academy

Background: Online dyslexia school of support for parents, teachers and students.

Free resource: All the best resources section to free to help as many schools as possible with new and updated resources being added all the time.


Background: Eduflow allows you to run online courses with features like peer review and other learning activities.

Free resource: Free for the next 4 months.


Background: Explore over 7,000 free videos in 13 subject areas. You can create a free account and create customized playlists, too.

Free resource: Entire platform is always free.


Background: An international program that helps people develop digital, enterprise, and employability skills for free.

Free resource: Entire platform is always free.

Khan Academy

Background: Khan Academy offers short video lessons on thousands of topics, and their programs are personalized to allow children to learn at their own pace. Check out their daily schedules for students ages 4-18.

Free resource: Check out the resource page on how teachers and parents can leverage the company’s free distance learning tools.


Background: 2Simple offers the online platforms Purple Mash and Serial Mash, which contain thousands of opportunities for learning. These platforms include curriculum and books for children up to age 11.

Free resource: 2Simple is offering free access to Purple Mash and Serial Mash during the full duration of school closures due to COVID-19.


Background: ActivEd offers Walkabouts, on-demand adventures that transform math and language content into short, movement-rich activities. The online tool helps parents and teachers create lessons for Pre-K to Second Grade students.

Free resource: ActivEd is making the Walkabouts platform temporarily free during COVID-19 school closures. Check out the logins here.

Mango Languages

Background: Mango is a language learning resource for individuals and organizations around the world. The platform combines quality content, intelligent technology, and an adaptive algorithm that delivers practical phrases from real situations.

Free resource: The Mango Classroom online learning platform is now free during school closures. Fill out the form here.

Age of Learning

Background: Age of Learning seeks to help children build a strong foundation for academic success and to foster a lifelong love of learning. The curriculum blends education best practices, innovative technology, and insightful creativity to create engaging and effective educational experiences that bring learning to life.

Free resource: Schools closed due to COVID-19 have free home access to leading digital education programs ABCmouse, Adventure Academy, and ReadingIQ. Programs serve students in preschool / pre-k, elementary school, and middle school.


Background: EduMotion’s SEL Journeys program features active, arts-based, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for grades K-5. With movement activities inspired by dances from around the world, the program boosts creativity, curiosity and social skills.

Free resource: With schools closed, EduMotion is offering SEL Journeys Learn@Home lessons, geared to K-5 students. Request a free login for your school.


Educational Games and Activities

Activity Village

Background: Activity Village provides thousands of coloring pages, kids crafts, educational resources, puzzles, printables of all sorts, worksheets, sudoku for kids and lots more fun activities to keep your kids busy.

Free resource: In light of COVID-19, Activity Village has pulled together some of their favorite activities for free.


Background: Boost student engagement and fact fluency with Arcademics’ free multiplayer educational games, math games, language arts games, and more.

Free resource: Entire platform is always free.


Background: Allows anyone to find or create their own simple learning games.

Free resource: Entire platform is always free.


Online Communication Platforms

Zoom Communciations

Background: Zoom offers video conferencing solutions, similar to Google Hangouts or BlueJeans.

Free resource: Students or teachers who fill out an online form using their school email addresses can use the videoconferencing platform for free temporarily (beyond their usual 40-minute trial!) during school closures.

Adobe Connect

Background: Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform that allows people to connect from virtually anywhere.

Free resource: In light of COVID-19, Adobe Connect is helping communities and schools with free 90-day access until July 1, 2020. Read more and start the free trial here.


Background: ClassDojo is an excellent tool for teacher-parent communication and sharing information online.

Free resource: Entire platform is always free.


Background: This UK-based company provides digital solutions for praising and communicating with students.

Free resource: Epraise will be offering a 30-day-free access to our platform including our Homework and Messenger optional features to ensure schools can stay connected in the event that they have to close.


Background: Create stunning presentations, infographics, and more in just seconds.

Free resource: Premium templates now available for free.


Background: The first student communication platform to be powered by artificial intelligence, AdmitHub is specifically designed for higher education.

Free resource: Access to the AdmitHub platform so schools can provide clear, immediate answers about COVID-19.


Background: AirDeck gives you the ability to “be there” by creating narrated PowerPoint, Keynote, and PDF presentations and sending them to anyone instantly, with no production studio or equipment required.

Free resource: Access to a free subscription.


Background: Streamer is a group of people that are Deaf or Hard of Hearing that believe everyone should be able to communicate with anyone, anywhere at any time. Streamer is a new approach to captioning, note-taking and translation. It is a private and secure website, that can be used as often as needed to caption and translate conversations with as many people as you want.

Free resource: Auditory Sciences is partnering with academic institutions who are preparing for prolonged absences and/or campus closures due to COVID-19. Schools can get a free captioning, note-taking and translation website to use to facilitate off-campus communications with students and faculty. Simply fill in the form to get started.


Background: Avaya provides a cloud meeting and team collaboration solution that enables people and organizations to connect and collaborate remotely – and goes beyond integrating chat, voice, video, online meetings and content sharing. It gives users all the meeting and team collaboration features needed, including voice and video conferencing for up to 200 participants.

Free resource: Fill out this form to receive a free subscription.


Want your resource added to to the list? Contact us at

For kids in your life at home because of school closures, check out our guide to 20 Online Learning Resources to help learning continue during the coronavirus epidemic.

Swing Education offers a staffing application to provide qualified substitute teachers for K-12 schools. The company comprehensively recruits, screens, and permits educators to fill teacher and support staff absences. Schools and substitutes are efficiently matched through Swing Education’s online marketplace, with substitute teachers selecting job opportunities via text or a mobile app. The company’s pool of substitute teachers includes both veteran educators and trained professionals who are entering into the education community through Swing Education. To date, Swing Education has helped more than 2,500 school partners and over 5 million students.

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  1. We would like to let you know that we are providing free access to our website during the COVID-19 outbreak. We specialize in K-8 social studies, life science, geography, and ancient civilization curriculum content. Our website has online learning videos, and also quizzes for each video. We also provide a list of National and State Standards that our videos align with. You can find us at Teachers can send us an email through the “Contact Us” form on the website (or email to request access. We are currently offering 60-day memberships and will extend this if it becomes necessary.

    Background: Virtual Field Trips offers videos covering the K-8 social studies, life science, geography, and ancient civilization curriculum content. Our videos are standards-aligned and we also provide quizzes. We also have 300+ learning activities that have been designed to accompany our videos.

    Free resource: 60-day membership (longer if required).

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