Basics of Classroom Management (Webinar)

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Join longtime K-12 educator Chioma Ellis in this on-demand webinar that covers classroom management best practices for new teachers.

Chioma, who has been both a teacher and principal during her career in education, will introduce strategies to help you be more effective in getting students on task without having to raise your voice.

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4 Comments on “Basics of Classroom Management (Webinar)”

  1. I enjoyed the webinar. The dance names given to different teachers movements . Proximity/Visibility were nicely demo.
    A couple of strategies not mention is differentiated instruction since all district use the inclusive model in some form. Key concepts, reading questions as a whole group go over all handouts are necessary to keep kids on task.
    Africa Andaiyebrown

  2. Cool! She sounds great and enjoyed listening to this . I am buying that book Teach Like A Champion for sure.

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