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Aug 19, 2019

Swing Sub Stories: Meet Warren Christopher

Journey to Substitute Teaching

I began substitute teaching in 1999. During this time, I was going through a divorce and was beginning a new chapter in my life with two very young sons.  I thought teaching was a good career choice for me; however, I needed to earn an income immediately. I knew that I had no time or money to return to school full-time to pursue a degree in education. Luckily, I already had a bachelor’s degree, which allowed me to work in some public school districts as a substitute teacher. I figured subbing would provide the opportunity for me to gain some exposure in the field of education while building the relevant skills necessary on my path to becoming a full-time educator. It turned out to be the answer for me then. Fast-forward into the future,  I ultimately earned my teaching credentials the following year, and I am now a veteran educator with nearly 20 years of experience!

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From a Job to a Career

Once those young sons turned into young men with families of their own, I decided to move to New Jersey and start living the next phase of my life. I chose to work with Swing Education because they provided me ample flexibility and a lot of opportunities to work. I earned a good income while I went through the process for gaining  full-time employment in Newark Public Schools. To make it even better, I had a great time while substitute teaching with Swing!

Now, I am happy to announce that I was offered a full time position with the Newark Public Schools on July 4th, and I have  accepted the position!

Teaching is a great profession and it is truly my passion. Substitute teaching got me through the door and has sustained me while I made moves to advance in my chosen career.

About Swing Education

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