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May 15, 2018

How to prepare for your first day as a substitute teacher

To help you prepare for your first day in a new classroom, we’ve built this handy substitute teacher checklist. Feel free to tailor it to your own needs! Download the checklist here.

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From the school

 Student handbook
 School schedule
 Emergency protocol info
 Attendance procedure
 Class list
 Wifi passwords
 Out-of-class procedures (bathroom, water fountain, etc.)
 School-wide behavior management plan
 Directory with staff contact information
 School map

Forms and paperwork

 Blank name tags
 Blank seating charts
 Blank teacher report forms
 Assignment calendar
 Your go-to just-in-case lesson plans
 List of your favorite 10-minute activities and games
 Your favorite read-aloud books
 Rules or expectations posters
 Your own business card to connect with colleagues

School supplies

 Notebook paper
 Dry erase markers
 Blackboard/whiteboard eraser
 Paper clips
 Folders for student work
 Small prize packs for rewards

Other supplies

 Small supplementary first aid kit
 Tylenol or Advil
 Hand sanitizer
 Comfortable shoes for P.E. or recess duty
 Sunhat or sunscreen
 Layers for cold classrooms
 Small cooler or lunch bag for meals
 Lots of water

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