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Dec 22, 2022

2022 school success roundup

2022 has been a year of adapting to a new normal, of trying new things, of getting creative with solutions. Before we close it out, let’s take a look at what we’ve been able to accomplish this year. 

Let’s reflect and review our most clicked on resources from the past year:

For when you’re looking for the perfect substitute:

What qualities do great substitute teachers share?

Whether they are aspiring teachers, talented members of the community, or veteran subs, great substitute teachers will share distinct qualities that help them quickly integrate into a new school and connect with students. Keep an eye out for certain qualities while building your sub pool and be set up for success. 

For when you’re looking for last minute coverage:

How can schools use roving substitute teachers?

When a teacher calls out sick, admins often have less than two hours to find a substitute teacher for the day. However, it’s hard to find subs to cover classes with such short notice (in fact, last-minute requests have the lowest fill rate at 36%!). 

Last-minute requests may go unfulfilled, but the need for last-minute subs isn’t going anywhere. Schools and districts need another solution to get classrooms covered and keep student learning on track. Enter: roving subs.

For when you’re looking for long-term coverage:

How subs support maternity leave for teachers

Chances are that you’ll have a good number of teachers taking maternity leave over the course of their careers. As an administrator, you want things in the classroom to run smoothly while your teachers are taking time away to tend to a new child. Good preparation is key to making sure that the transition to a long-term substitute teacher is seamless — and that both teachers feel supported.

For when you’re looking for the perfect substitute: 

How to recruit the best substitute teachers

Even in the midst of a substitute teacher shortage, there are a number of ways to recruit substitute teachers. There are many recruiting methods to consider, like partnering with credentialing schools or alternative-route certification programs, getting creative on social media, and holding in-person hiring events. If you’re looking to level-up your recruiting tactics, we’ve got you covered.

For when you’re looking to ‘wow’ new talent:

7 qualities the best substitute look for in a school

First impressions are key to “wowing” new substitute teachers. Subs learn about the school’s culture through what you tell (and show!) then about your guidelines and expectations, and also how you deliver that information. Prioritize these qualities to stand out from the crowd to subs looking for work.

If you’re looking for substitutes that are raising their hands to be in the classroom, Swing is here to provide that. Swing subs are experienced educators and talented members of your community, who are eager to give back and make a difference in student lives.

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