Why Actors Should Try Substitute Teaching

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It’s no secret that being a successful actor means a little bit of luck, but most importantly, a lot of planning, determination, and various side jobs to help with the bills. Even the most established Hollywood actors today like Jennifer Hudson and Harrison Ford have had their share of day jobs and side gigs to keep their bills paid. Here’s why working as a substitute teacher is a great side job for actors looking to stay focused on pursuing their dreams while still making sure that their finances are on track. 

Freedom and Flexibility

An important part that makes substitute teaching great for actors is the freedom and flexibility that it offers for managing one’s time and finances. Because of the nature of substitute teaching, actors with flexible schedules will find that substitute teaching fits their schedules perfectly. The irregular day-to-day scheduling gives actors the freedom to audition and take on acting jobs when they come along. Timing and frequency between teaching is also up to you, so you can allocate sufficient time to focus on booking jobs and building your acting career, while not having to worry that you need to find time-consuming jobs for the sake of paying rent. Plus, with Swing Education, job opportunities at local schools are delivered via text — actors can receive text notifications and choose to only accept substitute teaching jobs that fit their schedules. 

State of Mind

Actors have shared that because the income of substitute teaching is reasonable, it leaves them open to take on roles and auditions that they are passionate about, rather than being pressured to just take any role that may come along. Because you’re not pressured on booking a job just to make ends meet, you can also be more relaxed and focused during auditions as well. 

Building on Skill Sets

Finally and most importantly, as an actor taking on side jobs, you still want to be able to actively test and build your skills as an actor. Being a substitute teacher means you need to be quick on your feet and ready to improvise to any crowd , especially one that might not always be easy to please. Just like walking into an audition room with all eyes on you, walking into a classroom full of high energy kids means you need to act your part, be prepared, and step into a teacher’s role. Substitute teaching also allows you to exercise your creativity, with new lesson plans, games, and classroom activities that are designed to keep students engaged. What about a sonnet from Shakespeare? Or reading out loud, in character, with the students? The classroom can be your stage. 

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