How Teachers Around the World Transitioned to Distance Learning II

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In this Part II of an interview series on what distance learning and online classes have signified for teachers from around the world, a Hong Kong Academy teacher, Carly Buntin (now already in her 4th month of distance learning) shares her early lessons, challenges, and helpful practices for coping with the sudden school closures and the inevitable transition to distance learning.   … Read More

Road to Stanford University: a Student’s Journey through the SARS Epidemic

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Social distancing from friends, classmates, and teachers is a major adjustment for students as they shelter inside from the dangers of COVID-19. Despite the benefits of social distancing, many educators worry that without equity across resources, family support, and home conditions, some students may fall behind academically as they suffer from emotional loss, trauma, and anxiety.  As we searched for … Read More

How to Start Teaching Online and Continue Building Your Teaching Career

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The demand for remote education is increasing, and Swing Education has moved quickly to forge partnerships with other online education companies to bring new teaching opportunities to substitute teachers.  These partnerships will give you the opportunity to start teaching online, bring in income and ensure students continue working toward their academic goals. Even if you’ve never taught online before, you … Read More