The American Way: The Return from COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented response that has impacted nearly every aspect of society from healthcare, commerce, education, and beyond. While each state has some degree of autonomy when it comes to issuing shelter in place/social distancing orders, most state governments have taken steps that have resulted in the full or partial closure, or a pivot to … Read More

School Closure Tips from a Charter School Operations Expert

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As COVID-19 creates a new reality for schools across this nation, operational challenges consistently threaten millions of students and their families.  As we adjust to school closures, teachers and schools are getting creative to make sure no student is left behind. Over the next few months, we will be highlighting best practices from schools across the country, and interviewing educational … Read More

Stress & Trauma: Real Impact of COVID-19 on Students

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For many people when they hear the word, “trauma”, they immediately think about a death, accident, or near catastrophe. These more common associations that we have with trauma tend to come from a sudden or acute stress that is easily identifiable. However, there are other stressors that are more subtle, and impact us over time, causing chronic stress which can … Read More

When Schools Reopen, Will You Be Prepared?

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THE COVID CRISIS: The rise of COVID-19 has brought about some unprecedented times in just about all aspects of our daily lives. It has impacted healthcare, economics, government, and education, in ways that will have implications well beyond the quarantine period.  For millions of Americans, COVID-19 has resulted in unemployment. In a matter of weeks, we transitioned from an economy … Read More

How Teachers Around the World Transitioned to Distance Learning II

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In this Part II of an interview series on what distance learning and online classes have signified for teachers from around the world, a Hong Kong Academy teacher, Carly Buntin (now already in her 4th month of distance learning) shares her early lessons, challenges, and helpful practices for coping with the sudden school closures and the inevitable transition to distance learning.   … Read More