Swing Sub Stories: Meet Kristina Volkert

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One of Swing Education substitute teacher Kristina Volkert’s most important teaching principles was hatched when she was in fifth grade. Kristina’s class was tasked with a science project that included raising and caring for ducklings, but the students encountered a challenge when one of the ducks was born with physical abnormalities.

“It had a little feather crown on its head and it looked different,” Kristina recalls. “The other ducks pecked it and the teacher had to corner it off with cardboard inside their nesting area. It was sad to see the duck getting bullied.”

But instead of letting that ruin the project, Kristina’s fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Greg, turned the unfortunate situation into a learning opportunity: Everyone should be treated fairly and with dignity.

“After this experience, I learned to treat all people with respect no matter the differences,” Kristina says. “It’s a good way to live life.”

Journey to Swing Education

Kristina has held a variety of positions in education over the last decade, with Clark County School District in Nevada, at the university level, and as a tutor with the No Child Left Behind Program.

“I learned about different socio-economic issues and language barriers first-generation Americans have,” Kristina says.

Last summer, Kristina discovered Swing Education, which connects substitute teachers with 1,500-plus schools and districts. Kristina was drawn to the variety Swing offers substitute teachers — she’s subbed in more than 30 schools in Southern California this academic year alone — as well as perks like weekly pay.

“Swing pays weekly and that made the position more ideal,” Kristina says. “For a substitute starting in August after a few months off, it’s helpful to start getting paid quickly.”

“Plus, working with both charters and public schools gives a substitute a good idea of the differences in curriculum and student management.”

It’s all added up to a positive experience with Swing.

“Swing Education offers a unique opportunity to explore more districts and a variety of schools,” Kristina says. “I highly recommend them not only for the enriching experience, but also as a way to network with an abundance of educators.”

About Swing Education

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