Subbing in Special Education: What to Do When the School Day Ends

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This is the final blog in a three-part series on subbing in special education class. The first discussed strategies special education substitute teachers can use to prepare for the day. Part two explored different situations you may encounter as a special education substitute teacher, along with guidance on how to respond. This blog includes six tips to end the assignment on a high note.

Your day as a special education substitute teacher is nearing an end, and the students have headed home. Before you leave campus, however, there are a few tasks you’ll want to complete — after all, just as the right preparation and a strong day of instruction are integral parts of a successful day of special education subbing, so, too, is what happens after the students leave.

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(Consider following these six suggestions regardless of what grade(s) you will be subbing in, i.e. elementary, middle, or high school.)

1) If you have a paraeducator/paraprofessional in your classroom, talk to them about how they thought the day went and thank them for their help (same with any staff that provided assistance to you).

2) Fill out paperwork (i.e behavior sheets, check worksheets and checklists for different tasks, have the paraeducator/paraprofessional fill out medical forms if applicable, etc.).

3) Write a note to the absent teacher on how the day went and make sure to include things that went well, behaviors, communication from parents and staff, etc.

4) Place classroom materials in one spot (i.e. teacher’s desk, small group table, an extra desk) and include this information in your note; this will help the teacher know exactly where to find materials.

5) Charge iPads, tablets, chromebooks, etc.

6) Turn off all desktops.

These suggestions, along with the items discussed in the first two parts of our special education substitute teaching blog series, can help you succeed. Happy subbing!

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One Comment on “Subbing in Special Education: What to Do When the School Day Ends”

  1. It’s good to know that proper communication between a sub and a teacher can help the students have a better time at school. My daughter is having a tough time at public schools and we want to change that. I will keep this in mind as we find a specialized school that employs these strategies!

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