Start Subbing in San Diego in 3 Easy Steps

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You may think that becoming a substitute teacher is a tough process. Perhaps you’re imagining the old days, when you had to deal with mountains of paperwork and other time-consuming bureaucracies.

But at Swing Education, we believe subbing should work around your schedule, not the other way around. Our subs are free to fill in whenever they want, for as long as they want, in the classrooms that appeal to them the most.

And, we believe that applying to be a sub should be just as straightforward. Here are the three easy steps to start subbing with Swing in the San Diego area today.

1. Complete the registration form

To start the process, just fill out this quick registration form. This will help us get to know you and what opportunities you’re looking for. Once you complete the form, you’ll get a confirmation email with next steps. We will also create a profile for you in our substitute teacher portal.

2. Attend a conference call (optional)

You can set up a 30-minute conference call with the Swing team directly from the registration confirmation email. Along with other interested educators, you’ll find out all the information you need to get started:

  • Who we are as a company and how we support our subs
  • Next steps before you start with us
  • Answers to additional questions you may have

Swing Education is currently only recruiting San Diego candidates who have their substitute teaching permit or teaching credential. Because we do allow certificated candidates to be fast-tracked, you are free to skip this step. If you do not currently have your substitute teaching permit or teaching credential but would like to start subbing with Swing in San Diego, we recommend reviewing resources on how to earn your permit, including our guide to the CBEST and our blog on retrieving your SAT scores.

3. Get fingerprinted and get a TB test

Before you start teaching, Swing will need a couple pieces of additional documentation.

First, we’ll need to run a background check. A crucial part of this check is getting fingerprinted. To do this, you can go to a WellnessMart location or any other Live Scan location.

  • WellnessMart: WellnessMart scans are free and don’t require an appointment. To get started, log in to your Swing account and then select the “put me on the WellnessMart list” option. This will automatically put your name into WellnessMart’s system for any location that works for you. Then, download and fill out this form and bring it to your appointment. After you complete the scan, your results will automatically be sent to Swing.
  • Other Live Scan Location: If you can’t make it to a WellnessMart, you can go to any Live Scan location. Download and fill out this form and bring it to your appointment. Keep your receipt and Swing will reimburse you after you’ve completed your first day subbing with us..

You’ll also need to pass a TB test. (You won’t need to fill out a form before your TB test, however. It will be provided to you at the appointment.)  

We recommend completing the TB test requirement in one of two ways:

If you don’t have a current TB test and do not pass the risk assessment, the next step would be to get a skin test. You can do this with the same clinic/provider that administers the risk assessment. (If you get your skin test at WellnessMart, the results will automatically be sent to Swing. If you get it at another provider, upload a copy of the negative results to your profile. Save the receipt for any cost to you, and we’ll reimburse you once you’ve subbed your first day with us.)

It generally takes 5-10 days for Swing to receive your Live Scan results and 2-3 days for TB tests.

Note: If you are not able to successfully complete the TB requirement via risk assessment or skin test, contact us (, and we’ll walk you through the next steps.

Start subbing!

Now comes the fun part. Once you get approved by Swing, you will immediately start receiving notifications for available opportunities in the San Diego area:

  • You’ll be able to teach when you want — you can choose to take or leave any assignment that comes your way.
  • You’ll have access to opportunities available at numerous partner districts and schools, including Cajon Valley USD, South Bay USD, and many more.
  • You’ll be able to Search Substitute Teacher Jobs in San Diego , including opportunities at public, charter, and private schools, in addition to a range of grade levels. 

Ready to go? Sign up today.

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