Start Subbing in Arizona in 3 Easy Steps

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An Arizona substitute teacher in class

You may have heard that becoming a substitute teacher is a complicated or confusing process. But Swing Education has made it easier than ever for talented individuals to discover how rewarding and flexible substitute teaching can be!

If you live in Arizona, have a bachelor’s degree, and a passion for being in the classroom, you may have what it takes to substitute teach with Swing in just three easy steps.

Swing matches great schools with great substitutes. We will:

  • Connect you with schools.
  • Prepare and support you every step of the way!

(If you are completely new to substitute teaching in Arizona and don’t know where to begin, check out our complete guide to becoming a substitute teacher in Arizona.)

Here are three easy steps to becoming a substitute teacher in Arizona:

1. Sign Up with Swing

Start the process by spending two minutes filling out this background questionnaire. Once you complete the form, our team will be in touch with next steps and answer any questions.

2. Complete Screening

Once you’ve signed up with Swing, you have a team behind you to help with the process.

3. Start Subbing!

Now comes the fun part. Once you have completed the above steps and have officially joined the Swing substitute teacher community, you’ll start receiving notifications for available opportunities:

  • You’ll be able to teach when you want — you can choose to accept or pass on any request that comes your way — and there’s no minimum commitment required.
  • You’ll tap into Swing’s substitute teacher community, which includes access to our online Faculty Lounge and special gatherings.
  • You’ll be able to Search for Substitute Teacher Jobs in Arizona! Sub in a variety of classrooms — we work with public, charter, and private schools — as well as any grade level.

Ready to go? Sign up today!

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