School Administrator Tips for the TEACH NY System

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If you’re a school administrator in New York state, chances are you’re familiar with the TEACH NY system for teacher certification and fingerprinting.

The TEACH NY system is a one-stop shop for current and prospective educators to complete a variety of requirements and tasks related to their employment, including:

  • Applying for a certificate
  • Viewing Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) requirements
  • Updating personal profile (SSN/address/etc.)
  • Viewing certification record
  • Checking fingerprinting status

TEACH NY also gives authorized school administrators key information about a prospective teacher’s fingerprint and certification information to ensure schools always have qualified, screened educators in their classrooms.

In this blog, we’ll explore what the the TEACH NY system is and how it works, as well as resources to simplify compliance for K-12 administrators.

How TEACH NY Works

New York law requires that all applicants for certification and all prospective employees of school districts and charter schools get fingerprinted — this is a major piece of the state’s criminal history background check requirements. The Office of School Personnel Review and Accountability (“OSPRA”), which is the organization tasked with conducting background checks, places the results of these background checks into the TEACH system.

These results, along with the aforementioned information on certification, continuing education credits, and more, are stored in the TEACH database.

Each school district and charter school has a TEACH login, granting them access to the entire database of results. New York schools can also confirm an educator’s certification and employee history through the TEACH database.

All school types across New York must clear employees through TEACH with the exception of the New York City Department of Education, which has its own fingerprinting process.

TEACH NY for School Administrators

As we highlighted earlier, the TEACH NY system gives schools valuable information about current and prospective educators. There are certain situations, however, where school administrators may struggle to navigate the system/state requirements in a timely manner.

For example, when a particular school brings new educators onto its campus for the first time, a site administrator must run the TEACH NY background check for each educator. On days with a particularly large number of unexpected teacher absences when schools have to scramble to get coverage, this can really slow school operations.  

In fact, given administrators’ already-busy mornings, it’s possible they won’t be able to clear each educator by the time the first bell rings.

In these situations, a resource like Swing Education can help simplify compliance and reduce the burden on your staff — along with helping you cover more teacher absences. 

TEACH NY Resources for School Administrators

Swing Education can help New York schools with substitute teachers — and ease the burden of TEACH NY compliance on your staff. Get in touch today to see how.


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