Part-Time Jobs for US Census Workers

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Thousands of temporary, part-time census workers are in the process of being mobilized across the nation for the 2020 census. And chances are that if you’re looking to be a US census worker, there are other part-time jobs that may peak your interest. We’ve highlighted some part-time jobs that US census workers can also explore during and after the census season. 

Since it is a massive undertaking to make sure the data is correct and up to date, census workers willing to step up are a huge contribution to the local and greater community — something we truly appreciate at Swing Education. Also, many census workers must visit neighborhoods door-to-door to collect data — a job that requires great organization and communication skills, with a positive attitude. These are great qualities and transferable skills that one can apply to other jobs, including substitute teaching! 

As a US census worker, if you have the flexibility to take on other part-time work during the day or if you’re looking for other part-time jobs for when temporary census work is over, here are some recommendations that match your skills:  

  • Substitute teaching

Since you love helping out the community (and contributed to making sure local schools receive proper funding through data collection), working as a substitute teacher is a natural fit.  As a substitute teacher, you’re making a true impact to your local community, ensuring that schools can have a qualified teacher in the classroom at all times.

  • Coffee shop barista

If you already enjoy meeting and talking with different people, customer service work is a great match. Local coffee shops have many seasonal and temporary part-time work that you can explore, plus free perks that come with being a barista, including free coffee! 

  • Dog walker

Since you’ve already done a lot of field work, you may have a better sense of what routes are great for dog walking.  Many pet-owners rely on dog walkers or sitters to ensure that their pets are taken care of during the day. If you love animals, this may be a great part-time gig to explore.

Ready to explore jobs as a substitute teacher? Check out our substitute teaching job opportunities! 

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