Celebrating 100,000 Absence Days Covered — With Many More to Come

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100,000 Absence Days Covered

About the Author: Mike Teng is Swing Education’s CEO and one of the company’s co-founders. It goes without saying that substitute teachers play a big part in student success — after all, the average student spends about six months of their K-12 career with a sub. Unfortunately, as I witnessed during my five years with Rocketship Public Schools, the substitute teacher … Read More

Swing Sub Stories: Meet Menen Mathias-Fredericks

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Swing Education substitute teacher Menen Mathias-Fredericks

Whether it be in the operating room or the classroom, Dr. Menen Mathias-Fredericks has dedicated her career to making a difference. Menen, a Swing Education substitute teacher, spent many years in the medical field before becoming a K-12 educator. After attending medical school and completing her residency in general surgery, she embarked on a career in research and healthcare education, … Read More

California Substitute Teaching Permit: How to Get Your SAT Scores

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There are several advantages to getting your substitute teaching permit. For one, you’ll have access to more substitute teaching opportunities — many assignments require permitted substitute teachers. Additionally, you’ll make more money — oftentimes, requests for permitted substitute teachers carry higher pay rates. The easiest way to obtain your permit in California is with a qualifying SAT score. If you … Read More

Swing Sub Stories: Meet Haley Brucato

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Teaching runs in Haley Brucato’s family. So does Swing Education. Haley was raised by educators — her mother and grandmother are teachers. Couple that with her own positive experiences as a student, and it’s only natural that Haley decided to pursue a career in education. “I don’t know if teaching is in our blood or I’ve just grown up around … Read More

Swing Education, Stride Partner to Provide Subs with Health Insurance Resources

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Let’s face it: health insurance can be really confusing and stressful. What’s a deductible? How are copayments and coinsurances different? What are subsidies? What’s the difference between an HMO and PPO? How much coverage do I need and how do I find insurance that fits my budget? Getting the answers to these questions is never easy, and navigating the ins … Read More

Swing Education, STEDI Team to Offer Substitute Teacher Training

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Professional development is a big part of a teacher’s year, and for good reason. Studies show that professional development can have a direct impact on student achievement, not to mention educator satisfaction. At Swing Education, we think all educators — not just full-time teachers in school-sponsored PD programs — should have access to high-quality training. That’s why we’re so excited … Read More

Swing Education Raises Series B to Put the Spotlight on Substitute Teaching

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Today, we’re excited to announce our $15 million Series B investment, co-led by GV (formerly Google Ventures) and education technology-focused Owl Ventures. This investment recognizes our accomplishments to date, including providing substitute teachers in over 70,000 classrooms and serving over 1 million students. We are grateful to all our substitutes for being part of the Swing journey! With this new … Read More

Swing Education Unveils New Logo and Website

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  We are thrilled to unveil a new look to Swing Education! Since we started this journey three years ago, we have been relentlessly focused on solving the substitute teacher shortage problem. The average student will spend about six months of their school career with a substitute, and it is a critical function we must get right for our education … Read More