5 Good Jobs for Retired Teachers

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A retired teacher grades homework

Like it does for individuals in all professions, retirement eventually comes calling for teachers. And after a career of helping students learn, grow, and thrive, there are several ways retired teachers can continue to make a difference in education — while enjoying a greater level of flexibility. Tutor No matter the grade level or subject, tutors play an important role … Read More

Celebrating 100,000 Absence Days Covered — With Many More to Come

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100,000 Absence Days Covered

About the Author: Mike Teng is Swing Education’s CEO and one of the company’s co-founders. It goes without saying that substitute teachers play a big part in student success — after all, the average student spends about six months of their K-12 career with a sub. Unfortunately, as I witnessed during my five years with Rocketship Public Schools, the substitute teacher … Read More

Swing Sub Stories: Meet Menen Mathias-Fredericks

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Swing Education substitute teacher Menen Mathias-Fredericks

Whether it be in the operating room or the classroom, Dr. Menen Mathias-Fredericks has dedicated her career to making a difference. Menen, a Swing Education substitute teacher, spent many years in the medical field before becoming a K-12 educator. After attending medical school and completing her residency in general surgery, she embarked on a career in research and healthcare education, … Read More