Your School’s Guide to Surviving the Teacher Shortage

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Schools across the country are feeling the effects of the national teacher shortage. Whether your school is currently being impacted in a major way or just wants to stay ahead of the curve, this quick guide is for you. Already a certified substitute teacher? Search for substitute teacher jobs Download the eBook

6 Quick Tips to Support New Substitute Teachers

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Bringing a new substitute teacher onto your campus for the first time can be an adjustment for both your staff and the sub. But connecting the sub with helpful information — and a warm smile — early on can go a long way toward easing their concerns (and helping them understanding your expectations). That’s part of why it’s so helpful … Read More

6 Quick Tips to Help Schools Use Swing Education

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We’re frequently making updates and upgrades to our services to improve your experience with our platform and our substitute teachers. We wanted to highlight a few features that you might find helpful — then follow this link to access your account and issue a request today! Work With Your Favorite Swing Substitute Teachers School admins are highly encouraged to submit … Read More

3 Back-to-School Procedures to Make Your School Sub-Friendly All Year

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The best back-to-school procedures are those that make the whole year run more smoothly. What better time than now to review your plan to help substitute teachers feel welcome and prepared in a brand-new environment. Here are three procedures to implement at the beginning of the year that will help your school retain your top subs.  Already a certified substitute teacher? … Read More

7 Qualities the Best Substitutes Look for in a School

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While substitute teachers get to repeatedly practice the art of the first impression, schools have fewer opportunities to wow new subs. Subs gather valuable information during their time at your school: they learn about the school’s culture both through what you tell them about your guidelines and expectations and how you deliver that information. Here are seven qualities the best … Read More

How to Prepare Your Substitute Teachers for Success in the Classroom

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If you’re reading this article, you already have the drive to set your subs up for success. With a bit of thoughtfulness, organization, and preparation, you can build out a success plan so subs thrive in your school. The benefits? Your students will get a better education from their subs, your teachers will know their classes are in good hands, … Read More

7 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Substitute Teacher

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While stellar subs and gifted classroom teachers may share many of the same qualities, the two roles are also quite different. To excel at substitute teaching, educators need a unique skill set that distinguishes the best from the rest. Here are the qualities to look for in your substitute teachers. 1. Passion Most substitute teachers are looking for more than … Read More

5 Steps to Retain Subs in a Competitive Landscape

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Heading to work in a positive, constructive environment is a bonus for anyone, but considering the nation-wide shortage of substitute teachers, it’s especially important for schools to encourage subs to return. Substitute teachers have the advantage of sampling a number of schools and keep their top picks in mind when deciding on their next assignment. Many find that focusing their … Read More