Beyond the Barista: Good Jobs for Recent College Graduates

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You’ve graduated from college. Now what? There are many reasons recent college graduates avoid jumping directly into the career for which they’ve studied. In fact, while unemployment numbers for college graduates are currently quite low, only 27% of college graduates are working in a career field closely related to the major they studied. Perhaps your dream job requires more schooling, … Read More

Start Subbing in New Jersey in 3 Easy Steps

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Do you have an educator credential or substitute teacher certificate in New Jersey? If so, it has never been easier to get the work you want, in the schools you want, when you want it! Swing Education matches great schools with great substitutes. We will: Reimburse your start-up fees Connect you with schools Prepare and support you every step of … Read More

Start Subbing in Texas in Just Three Easy Steps

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You may be ready to work as a substitute teacher in Texas, but have heard that it’s a complicated process, with mounds of paperwork and long interviews. But we have good news: Swing Education believes it should be easy for high-quality substitute teachers to get the jobs they want, when and where they want them. If you live in Texas … Read More

The Complete Guide to Becoming a Substitute Teacher in Texas

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Substitute Teach In Texas

If you live in Texas — or are relocating there — and are looking for an opportunity to enjoy flexible, meaningful work with students, you may have thought about exploring substitute teaching jobs in Texas. There are so many reasons to become a substitute teacher, whether it’s a temporary transition, a life-long career path, or anything in between. People arrive at … Read More

10 Reasons to Start Substitute Teaching Today

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Substitute teaching is a rewarding career in education. It provides you the opportunity to set your own schedule, earn a steady paycheck, and gain valuable experience, all while helping the schools and students who need it most.Want to hear more? Here are 10 reasons to start subbing today.