California Substitute Teaching Permit: How to Get Your SAT Scores

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There are several advantages to getting your substitute teaching permit.

For one, you’ll have access to more substitute teaching opportunities — many assignments require permitted substitute teachers. Additionally, you’ll make more money — oftentimes, requests for permitted substitute teachers carry higher pay rates.

The easiest way to obtain your permit in California is with a qualifying SAT score. If you scored a 500 or higher in Critical Reading and 550 or higher in Math, you’ve satisfied the state’s basic skills requirement to receive your substitute teaching permit. (You can also satisfy the basic skills requirement in several other ways, including earning a passing score on the CBEST test.)

With a relatively quick phone call, the College Board (which administers the SAT test) can help you find those scores and get the official documentation you’ll need. You’ll then be well on your way toward receiving your permit!

An important note: You should ask the College Board to send your official scores to your place of residence; you’ll need this document when you apply for your permit.

First, call Customer Service (866-756-7346)

  • Press 3 for score and score reporting
  • Press 1 to get score

Have the following information ready:

  • Your current name, date of birth, and address (you’ll get the scores sent to your place of residence)
  • Credit card number and expiration date
  • High school graduation month and year (if available)
  • Name and address at the time you tested (if available)
  • Social security number (if available)
  • Test date and registration number (if available)

A College Board representative will ask for that information during your call.

Fees: $43, optional $31 rush delivery fee

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8 Comments on “California Substitute Teaching Permit: How to Get Your SAT Scores”

  1. I held an substitute credential, an English Secondary Credential, and Admin I and II credentials, though they are expired.

    1. Hi Marguerite,

      You may be eligible to renew substitute teacher permit online. However, if your documents have been expired for 18 months or longer, you’ll be required to submit new fingerprints when renewing or applying for additional documents.

      Below you will find step-by-step directions on selecting a document(s) for renewal.

      1. Navigate to

      2. Click on the button in the right-hand menu
      Enter your User ID and Password in the appropriate fields and click OK
      4. Confirm your personal information, and select “NEXT”
      5. Scroll down to the section titled Renewals/Reissuances
      6. Click the arrow (Select record ) next to the document you would like to renew.
      7. Click the drop down menu (defaults to “NO”) and select “YES”
      8. The “Complete” button just below Renewals/Reissuances should now be active. Click “Complete” to continue with the renewal process for your documents.

      Additional Renewal and Reissuance Information:

      I hope that helps — let me know if you have any further questions.


  2. I took the SAT in May of 1995 and received a score of 600 Verbal and 610 Math. Since the test has changed so much since then I wanted to see if my scores qualify before paying for a new score report. Also, I have my original score report; do I still need to request a new one?

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Yes, your scores should still qualify to fulfill California’s basic skills requirement. As long as it is the original score report (rather than a copy), it should work, and you should not need to request a new one.

      Andy from Swing

  3. I took my SAT in 2015 before it changed and my scores were 550 for reading and 520 for math. However, when using a conversion chart for the new SAT, my 520 for math becomes a 550, would that mean I would be okay?

  4. Can you download the complete score report off of the College Board website? Is that not considered official and sufficient? I am hoping to avoid the fees and long wait time for scores.

  5. Although my SAT scores were 420 for critical reading, 570 for math and430 for writing, I have a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Does the masters meet a waiver on the CBEST?

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