About Me T-shirt Icebreaker for Students

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First day of substitute teaching? We have new, downloadable icebreaker activities to help you in getting to know your students better. Whether you’re a one-day sub or teaching in a long-term assignment, these worksheets are designed to get your class going!

Download these substitute teacher worksheets below for free.

Happy Subbing!


Download by clicking on links below:




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5 Comments on “About Me T-shirt Icebreaker for Students”

  1. I love these! I printed two copies of each for me and my 11-year old daughter to do together this weekend. Thank you. A great way to offer me insight into where my daughter is at emotionally, without her feeling like I am info gathering. Great conversation to be shared while doing this together. And, it is just a plain fun and an enjoyable connection-based activity for parents or substitutes or teachers and so on! Awesome resource. Thank you!

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