6 Ways to Improve Fill Rates With Swing Education

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One of our highest priorities at Swing Education is to increase the number of absences our school partners successfully cover

To that end, our team is constantly working hard to recruit more substitute teachers and develop more effective technology to help you get coverage. Along those lines, we recently put our heads together to create a list of suggestions that have helped some of our school and districts partners improve their fill rates. 

Take Advantage of Swing’s PD Program

Swing Education recently unveiled a new program designed to help schools and districts easily cover large numbers of PD-related teacher absences. All you have to do is let us know the date(s) of the PD, the campus(es) where teachers will be out, and how many substitute teachers you need, and we’ll handle the rest.

There are several benefits to using Swing’s PD program to cover absences. For one, it allows you to place requests well in advance, giving your school a better chance of filling more vacancies. Additionally, it relieves you of the burden of posting a large number of individual requests; instead, our team does the legwork and posts requests in bulk.

Please contact Swing’s support team if you’d like more information on our PD program.

Request the Right Type of Substitute Teacher

Depending on your regional/local requirements, Swing may be able to support both certificated and non-certificated/classified substitute teacher requests.

If you don’t require a certificated substitute teacher for a particular request, toggling the “Cred/Permit Required” button to “No” in the Swing platform will open the request up to a larger number of educators. This can help increase your chances of a successful fill. 

Make Sure Your School Profile is Complete

Where do substitute teachers park? What is the dress code? How and where should subs check in and check out? Having clear expectations around school/campus policies and procedures makes subs more comfortable picking up a request.

You can update your school’s profile by logging in to your Swing account, selecting “School Profiles” from the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of the page, then selecting “Edit Profile.” You can also visit our help center for more information.

Fill Out Requests Fully

Similarly, substitute teachers may feel more comfortable accepting requests if they know in advance what subject matter and grade level they’ll be teaching. Including this information (along with any other relevant/helpful notes) on the request can help increase your chances of a fill.

Request in Advance 

Whether it be due to the flu/a cold or an unexpected personal matter, we understand that every school will deal with its share of last-minute teacher absences. In the event you do have advance notice that a teacher will be out, however, we strongly recommend that you post a substitute teacher request at your earliest convenience. The more lead time you’re able to provide, the higher the likelihood that the request will be filled.

Increase Substitute Teacher Pay

We completely understand that school and district budgets are tight (and that making any change in teacher pay can be a complex, time-consuming process). With that said, Swing substitute teachers do consistently report that pay is one of the biggest reasons why they accept particular assignments, so if your school/district hasn’t increased its pay for several years, that may be something to consider.

If you’d like to adjust your substitute teacher pay rate (or have any other questions or feedback about your experience with Swing Education), please feel free to reach out us.

Happy Requesting!

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