4 Part-Time Jobs for Mission-Driven People

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If you’re a mission-driven individual looking for part-time jobs, summer can be a great time to enhance your skills and grow your network. Part-time jobs, such as substitute teaching, allow you to learn and develop new skills while discovering new ways in which you can give back to the local community. 

Looking for part-time jobs with a flexible schedule that can have an immediate impact in your community?  Here’s a list of in-demand jobs that you can explore today.

1. Tutor

Finding a job as a tutor is a great way to put your leadership skills to the test. Whether you’re an expert in Math, English, or a foreign language, tutoring will not only help you to build your subject matter expertise, but give you a rewarding opportunity to help students excel in their studies. Most tutoring positions will require that you have at least a high school diploma, but generally, some college credits in the field you want to tutor will be helpful. 

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2. Substitute Teacher

Working as a substitute teacher not only gives you flexibility, it is also an excellent opportunity for someone interested in pursuing teaching full-time or for someone interested in working with kids. Though teaching or child care experience is often preferred, being able to pass a background check and holding a bachelor’s degree are the only must-haves in most states. This makes jumping into substitute teaching a great starting point to build the new skills you need to become a full-time teacher. Oftentimes, many substitute teachers are also professionals who enjoy the flexibility of accepting jobs on-the-go, and they come from all walks of life, including retired teachers, actors / actresses, parents, graduate school students, and people who are in between career transitions.

3. Tour Guide

If you know the best spots in your town and love to help make others (including tourists) feel right at home, taking up a gig job as a local tour guide is a great way to put your people skills to work. With a greater trend of companies offering “experience packages,” being a guide for travelers not only offers the chance to meet and engage with people from different walks of life, it also gives you the ability to brush up on business development and organization skills. 

4. Pet Sitter or Walker

At a first glance, pet sitting may not seem like the most challenging part-time job, but helping families take care of their furry family members not only requires a great amount of patience and focus, it also helps you to learn how to quickly build trust with your clientele. If you’re an animal lover or you’re exploring a career as a veterinarian, this could be a great opportunity for you to get familiarized with what it’ll be like to spend your work hours with these furry friends. And who wouldn’t love that? 

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